It Starts With A Thought….

Yemi Olutoye Writes…

A flimsy thought. Should I do it or should I not. I don’t want to do it but it’s like this bad habit has taken over. The devil encourages you, ‘it just a simple lie, just do it,’ ‘the pornographic video is 5 minutes, open the link’ A Christian should have the right to sin once in a while na, after all you have been serving God faithfully all this years now…

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Do You Want To Just Google It?

Yemi Olutoye writes,

Google is a blessing, I must say, a 21st century kind of blessing. I must have heard the phrase “Google it” a million times now if not more, and of course, I have not stopped Googling it.

Still, there are some of my questions Google doesn’t have answers to, questions that I have to take to God, the creator of the creations that created Google. Why was this reader created? Why did Yemi Olutoye write this article? there are some truths that can’t be found on a search engine!

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