#TheFavoredWoman Presents; IdentiFIGHT!

Few days ago, i shared a little bit about growing up insecure and all the baggage that comes with it.  I talked about wanting to sit down with you and not just talk about it, but offer help, encouragement, motivation and prayer for anyone who might be going through the same thing.

Our insecurity is from how we emotionally think about ourselves, sometimes rooted in how we were raised, our life experiences and some of the words spoken over us as we grew up.  Some of us have had our self-esteem battered over the years and we don’t even know how much this is affecting our everyday life

Insecurity and low self-esteem has pushed so many young women into the wrong relationships and in some cases, abusive relationships.

Please register to sit and talk with me and my sisters on Saturday 10th June at Bukka Hut, 61 Admiralty way, Lekki Phase One, Lagos.

Admission is Free! But please register —> HERE

Please Help Becky Escape From Her Rapist!

“If you tell anyone about this, I will stop paying your school fees.”

My name is Becky, I’m 20 years old and I live in this real world.

I was born in Shira, Bauchi State. I currently live just north of Lagos, in Ogun State. I stay with my uncle because he can afford my fees, my father cannot. I do not remember what it feels like to be loved and protected – my mother is dead.

In this choice between getting an education and avoiding daily rape, at first I chose school. This started when I was 18, now, it is no longer a choice. It has been 2 years of constant rape and abuse. If I stay here I will die. And if I leave, I will die as well, only, a different death.

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She Was NOT A Prostitute…

Mary is called “The Magdalene” because she was from Magdala, a thriving fishing town on the coast of Galilee. While there were other towns with similar names, Magdala is within walking distance of Capernaum, where Jesus was based at the start of his ministry. Recent archaeological findings in the current day Israeli town of Migdal, including a 1st century synagogue, support this explanation.

There are half-dozen Marys mentioned in the Bible. but the most distinguishing characteristic about this particular Mary is that Jesus cast seven demons out of her (Luke 8:2-3).

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Embracing The Journey Of Growing Older…

The Older i get, the more i realize i no longer want a lot of things i thought i wanted. I’ll call myself a late bloomer; It took me a while to really find myself and be friends with myself.

The older i get, the more i become comfortable with the woman i am and the more i embrace and anticipate the woman i’m becoming.

The older i get, the more self-aware i become. I am confident to say what i want, i make choices with certainty, i love without fear, and i work towards my purpose with clarity.

I’ll turn thirty-three in July and i am looking forward to my mid-thirties. I must say life in the 30’s is pretty good. It has it’s struggles of course, but the learning on the journey has been amazing.

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A Reminder To The Christian Feminist…

As we are concerned about issues of equal opportunities and putting an end to patriarchy, sexism, emotional and physical abuse,  we should constantly check our hearts with Christ and put him at the center of all that we are and all we do.
It’s all too easy to get carried away by the mainstream rhetoric and lose touch with our core values as Christians.  Remember love. Remember patience. Remember humility. Remember kindness.
Remember that a strong Christian woman is one who stands courageous in faith and love. It’s not in how loudly you argue, its not in how hard you push yourself in front of everyone.  It’s about understanding your purpose in life and working boldly by God’s grace to fulfill it.
Our feminism is about understanding and accepting our freedom in Christ because we have been made free indeed! It’s about expressing our faith in love and boldly speaking out and using our gifts to glorify the Lord and being a blessing to the world.
Before we are feminists, we are Christians. Re-created in the image and likeness of Christ. Let our attitudes and character reflect this.

Introducing: LADY IN WAITING; Devotional By Gbeminiyi Obadan


LADY IN WAITING  is a beautiful 10 day devotional for single women, written by Gbeminiyi Obadan; a lady i happen to admire quite a bit.

Gbemi is a blessing on social media and i am happy to share the link to the devotional here.

Single, Engaged, In a relationship or Married, i dare say this 10 day devotional will help you. The word of God is for everyone and if you open your mind, you will find something  in it for yourself.

LADY IN WAITING is available for FREE! Get it on Gbemi’s blog (Click —> HERE)

You can also follow Gbemi on twitter @gbemie_O


Join The Cause. Mobilize To End Violence Against Women!

“Violence against women and girls is a human rights violation, public health pandemic and serious obstacle to sustainable development. It imposes large-scale costs on families, communities and economies. The world cannot afford to pay this price.”

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General.

Today is  The International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women.

“One in three women around the world experience violence in their lifetime, often in the hands of someone they know, love and trust.

Violence against women and girls, a gross human rights violation, devastates lives, causes untold pain, suffering and illness. It also incurs high economic costs. A recent study estimated that the cost of intimate-partner accounted for 5.2 per cent of the global economy

Beyond the direct medical and judicial costs, violence against women takes a toll on household and national budgets through lost income and productivity.

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My Take On The Apostle Paul & His Alleged Sexism

When I read some of the things Paul wrote about women, especially looking at it through 21st century lens, it’s easy to understand why many (especially Non-Christians) consider Paul to be quite sexist.

As a Christian feminist woman who strongly believes in equality, and a great fan of Paul the Apostle, needless to say I found this rather disturbing, and that led me to ask the uncomfortable questions and seek to understand what led my favorite Apostle in the bible to write the words he did.

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WOMEN: About Us And Our Nudes…

Why send nudes? While I have asked this question some time ago, I haven’t pondered so much on it like I have these past few days.

It’s very easy to hear ‘nude pictures’ and our minds quickly go to slut shaming the woman involved. I believe it’s time we ask WHY?  Why do females send photos of themselves unclothed to their boyfriends, boyfriend hopefuls or even husbands? (Yes! Husbands get nudes from their wives too!

Every woman wants to feel desired. As a woman I must admit that there’s a certain heady feeling that comes from the knowledge that your man finds you sexually attractive.

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Women; Let’s Tell Each Other The Truth

Dear women, can i be candid with you for a minute? a lot of us women are emotionally, psychologically & verbally abusive. A lot more are silently manipulative. Seemingly quiet outside, they are pros at playing the victim. Their husbands and family know better

Let us be honest; there are manipulative women who play on the heavy sentiments about “domestic violence” to wreak havoc on their husbands. Don’t be deceived by the world’s definition of “Strong Woman”.

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Why Being Female In Nigeria Can Be Freaking Hard!!



I came across these tweets and i was incensed i could barely speak! (read it from down – up) What in the world is wrong with us?  The disrespect, the disdain, the injustice you experience as a woman in this country is astounding!

How do you explain this? How?

I can’t talk about this now. Maybe i will settle down to write something later. But please, tell me what you think.

Dear Christian Woman, Your Body Is NOT Yours….

Feminists won’t like this. But as christian women, (and men), the word of God is what we live by and not the philosophies and ideologies of man.

This evening, a friend of mine, posted a picture she had taken to celebrate womanhood and gender empowerment and she received a lot of criticism because of the body paint. (and the nudity of course). As a work of art, i must say, it looked gorgeous and i absolutely loved the boldness and the paint.

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Dear Single Women…

Let me start by saying that jerry Maguire lied to y’all.  You will not find a man that completes you. Only Jesus can do that. And he already has.  It’s a good thing to desire a husband but it shouldn’t be the goal of your existence. Don’t sit around waiting for a man to come and marry you before your life can have a meaning.  God wants to use you and frankly speaking, whether you are single or married, he will use you if you let him. So why are you waiting for marriage before you get on track with what God wants to do?

Leverage on your single status by pouring into the lives of younger women and making disciples. There are Secondary school girls, Undergraduates, and other younger girls who look up to you and think you are incredible. Seize this opportunity and mentor them.

Don’t sit around moping and trolling your married friends’ instagram photos (especially the #MyHusbadAndMe selfies)

Stop it! Pour yourself out into the lives of younger ones to the glory of God.


Men Really Need To Stop Calling Women Crazy


… Written By  

“Crazy” is such a convenient word for men, perpetuating a sense of superiority. Men are logical; women are emotional. Emotion is the antithesis of logic.

When women are too emotional, we say they are being irrational. Crazy. Wrong.

Women hear it all the time from men. “You’re overreacting,” they tell women. “Don’t worry about it so much, you’re over-thinking it.” “Don’t be so sensitive.” “Don’t be crazy.”

It’s a form of gas-lighting — telling women that their feelings are just wrong, that they don’t have the right to feel the way that they do.

Minimizing somebody else’ feelings is a way of controlling them. If they no longer trust their own feelings and instincts, they come to rely on someone else to tell them how they’re supposed to feel.

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5 Secrets Your Pastor’s Wife Won’t Share Easily

She’s always there. Sometimes in the background, sometimes with a welcoming smile up front, sometimes noticed and appreciated, sometimes being silently judged. Your pastor’s wife: the powerful force behind most church leaders often perceived as a mystery by the rest of the church. If you take out time to talk to this woman and ask her what it’s like being a pastor’s wife, here are some of the things she’ll probably tell you:

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