Yes, You Can & You Should Pray For Bae!

This is not really meant to be a ‘relationship or marriage coach’ kinda post. (Apologies in advance if it reads like that).
I just really want to share about how important prayer is in our relationship with our partners. Whether married, engaged or dating, if you’re in love and romantically involved with someone, you cannot take prayer out of the relationship.

Let me start by saying that if you do not have the confidence to bear down to talk to God about the person you’re with, you might want to check the foundations of that relationship and be honest with yourself if you should be with that person.

See, God loves love. Yes he does! He’s the author of love. In fact he is LOVE himself! So God loves the fact that you are in love with someone and he’s willing to help you navigate the ups and downs of unconditionally loving another imperfect human like yourself.

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Dear Young Woman, You’re Made To Soar!

Beware of the subtle attempts at ‘remolding’.  All those “why don’t you…?, You’re too… , You will be perfect if you…,  subtle criticisms that chip, chip and keep chipping at you until you lose your drive and before you fully realize what is happening, you have been remolded from a woman God has created to be outstanding and extraordinary, into a basic, average woman.

Some of you single women are in the process of losing yourself in a relationship. you set aside your dreams, your ambition, you have even changed your fashion and style just because you want to be “perfect ” for someone else.

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8 Traits of a Confident Woman

1. She’s had enough. When you’ve had enough of living for someone else, pleasing others, craving others’ approval or of those who bind your life with theirs; when you’ve had enough of the fear of confronting someone or are ready to stand up for yourself, you’re walking in your God-given confidence. When you are ready to step out of these types of situations and follow God fully, you are a confident woman.

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The Seven Secrets Of A Confident Woman



Secret #1 A confident woman knows that she is loved

The first and most important secret to being a confident woman is to know that you are loved by God unconditionally. Romans 5:8 says, …God shows and clearly proves His [own] love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us. Even if your natural father did not really love you properly, you can still get the love and acceptance you missed in your childhood from God.

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