New Video: Unchangeable God – Joe Praize

Here’s the brand new video to one of my very favorite Joe Praize songs; Unchangeable God.

The video illustrates the power of God to take control of dire circumstances and the fact that He remains the same today;  still changing situation and circumstances.

Joe Praize says; “There is only one God that has the power to change things for our good permanently… His name is Jesus Christ.”

Watch the video below:

#NewFavorite: Tosing Ojuri – Ibi Giga (Video)

I haven’t posted new music in a while and i am sorry about that. Honestly, i think it’s because i am very careful about what i share with you here. I want everything to touch you and bless you in some way. Talking about music and blessings, Tosin Ojuri is someone whose resilience and sincerity has always been an inspiration to me. He’s been on this music thing for a while and i can tell you that his relationship with God shines though his words and his music. I am priviledged to be on his BBM contact, and Tosin inspires me everyday with his quotes and inspirational messages.

This particular song is a personal favorite and i’m so excited he’s finally shot the video. It’s called “Ibi Giga” (meaning the higher place). Watch after the cut:

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#NewFavorite: South African Gospel Artistes Sing Against Xenophobia


I haven’t shared new music on here in a while. And that’s because I always wait for a song that truly touches my heart to come. I just received this song in my mail and it’s great to be able to show you this incredible collaboration between African artistes:  Neville D, Judith Sephuma & Patrick Duncan.

Pray is a song written and produced by Neville D as a plea to God to guide south africa  through the current attacks xenophobic attacks, and restore peace.

“I like Jesus’ idea about loving your neighbour as yourself, because I don’t think you can love and murder your neighbour at the same time,” he said after the song’s release.

THAT; my people, is the message of this gospel. It’s time to pray for God’s intervention in South Africa



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#VIDEO: When You Can’t See God In Your Situation

Why does it sometimes feel like God is far away, just when we need to feel His presence the most? Would God really disappear in our greatest time of need? In this clip, Pastor Steven Furtick shows us through the story of Moses and the Red Sea that God is always fighting for us, and He can use our difficult situations to draw us towards Him, stretching our faith and increasing His glory in the process.


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#Oldies: The Lijadu Sisters & Music Business In The 70’s

Cousins of Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti, Taiwo and Kehinde emerged as the primary female voices of Nigeria in the ‘70s, writing and performing their own music and bringing women into the foreground of a largely male-dominated scene. They played with juju linchpin King Sunny Adé, hung out with James Brown and toured with Cream drummer Ginger Baker.

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Hearing God Through “Beats By Dre” Headphones

By now, you know that God speaks to us in different ways and sometimes, he chooses to use the most unusual things. so i saw this Beats By Dre advert on YouTube and the message God has for me through it is so amazing. And of course, i am more than willing to share it with you.

As you walk through life, there’s always going to be chatter and external noise from everyone who thinks they know what’s best for you. People who believe they are in the best position to tell you what you should or should not be doing. People who will not see how your ideas can work. People who will not believe you can make it through and have a great future.

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#PrayForIndia: The Word Of God Must Prevail

India is a country that reportedly has over 3000 gods. needless to say that this is a nation that needs the message of the Gospel in full force.

A five-day National Christian Prayer Conference 2014 ,  holding at the Supernova Arena, Yelahanka, recently sparked off protests because Hindus in india were concerened that Pastor Benny Hinn who is one of the speakers, will convert Hindus to christianity like he did when he visited several years earlier. Pastor Benny Hinn had to cancel his visit, but the prayer conference is still holding.

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