For The ‘Openly Christian’ On Social Media

At every point we need to check WHY we really do the things we do. And i’m not talking about the bad stuff.
I’m talking about the great stuff. The inspiring stuff, the the kind stuff, the stuff that blesses people.
They look good. They get us applause. They get us noticed. The feedback is awesome. We may have even gotten awards.
Its time to check if we have become so enamored of those amazing feedback that we do all we do just because we expect the feedback?
Do we now love the fact that people tell us what a blessing we are that we now do more just so we can feel good when we hear that we are being a blessing?
Have we become like the Pharisee who would rather pray and do acts of charity in a pubic place to be seen? Do we prefer to do all our good work where it will be seen and even when its not, do we crave for it to be seen?
Lets check our hearts. How do we really feel when we share that inspirational quote, photo, video or sermon and it doesn’t get the number of ‘likes ‘, views or nice comments that we think it should have gotten?
How many times do we refresh old posts to see how many likes and views it has gathered?
We are human. Our flesh will always war with our spirits. But we have already been made victorious.  It’s not about us anymore. It’s about he who died for us so that we can live FOR HIM.  We just need to BE AWARE. And to always check with the spirit in us who will always tell us when we are getting carried away.

Dear Twitter, We Need To Take A Break For A While…

I have wanted to do this for a while but i kept hanging on hoping i’ll get over it somehow. I kept telling myself that i might be overreacting just a little bit but these past few days have brought the clarity that i needed.

I will be taking a break from twitter for some time. I don’t know for how long. Maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks, maybe more. But one thing is certain; it will be long enough for me to clear my head and detox and come back able to handle the cacophony of opinions better than I’ve been handling it. Right now, twitter isn’t just healthy for me.

Dear friends, i am tired. tired of the negativity, the anger, the arguments, the endless debates and threads. It feels like everyone is shouting themselves hoarse just trying to be heard above everyone else. Everybody has an opinion, everyone feels their opinions must be expressed. sometimes in the bid to add our voices to debates and issues that supposedly concern us, we shout others down, we are sarcastic, we are rude, arrogant and insensitive.

I am tired of the endless flood of negative reports and economic and political analysis, i am  tired of reading about killings and reactions to killings. I am tired of political arguments and commentary. tired of religious arguments and twitter fights about gender equality and misogyny. I am tired.

I am tired of scrolling through my twitter timeline and becoming sad for no reason. Twitter has become toxic for me and i can no longer allow that to continue.

Over time i have come  to realize that the information we continually expose our minds to, dictate what we do, say and how we live. That’s why God is very particular about us meditating on his word.

My dears, my mind needs a detox from negativity right now. I’ll be back as soon as God says it’s okay and i can handle it.

I’ll be reachable here and you know you can always click on the “Contact Me” Menu on top of the page and you’ll be able to send me a message.

I’ll also be sharing with you regularly here.

Take care my darlings!

Love you!

Scared Of Being Obscure

Obscurity: The state of being unknown or inconspicuous. Can also mean anonymity, lack of fame/renown/honor/recognition.

Sounds like a scary word isn’t it? Doesn’t sound positive. definitely not a word we want associated with us.

We live in a world where being ‘unknown’ can be synonymous with being ‘unimportant’. Social media has opened doors to previously unbelievable levels of instant fame and popularity. Motivational speakers and coaches encourage us to ‘put ourselves out there’. Even when we are preached at, to ‘let our light shine’, we are hardly ever told that there’s a thin line between letting your light shine for the glory of the father and playing for the gallery.

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Are You Tweeting Life Or Living Life?

It’s so easy to live our lives on Facebook walls and twitter/Instagram timelines these days. Updating, commenting, discussing, arguing, joking and venting. All out there.  Is social media inherently bad? No. But uncontrolled use and addiction to social media has been proven to lead to unpleasant circumstances.

I’m thinking, what kind of person am i becoming? Are my values, ideals, opinions and beliefs gradually becoming influenced by my associations on social media? am i becoming more concerned about how i’m being  perceived online than who i actually am in reality?

Am i connecting more with people in my life and around me or has DMs, tweets and ‘likes’ replaced actual human connection?

I think about all these things and i wonder how much of me am i needlessly sharing? How much of my essence is being expended and how much is being replenished? Truth is, there is little to zero replenishing being done on social media.

You replenish when you step away from the noise of the market place that is social media and spend time with your soul, God and love on the people in your life.

Step away from the cacophony of opinions and vents and threads and connect with your core all over again. Connect with YOU.

Then determine to balance it all.


The Delusion Of Social Media ‘Influence’

There was a time I was obsessed with numbers. It happens to the best of us. We have been brainwashed into believing that we are “influential” if we have a large following on social media. If our posts draw thousands of views and hundreds of comments, then we are called “influencers”.

But is that really true?  What is true influence? How does one gain the position of influence?

God has taught me that social media numbers don’t mean a thing if lives ain’t getting transformed through you.

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Sometimes, Instagram Depresses Me…


Sometimes, Instagram depresses me. The smiley selfies, the glam photos, the corny quotes, the subtle and sometimes not so subtle show off photos, the “show off my food” photos, baby photos… everything.

I go on instagram sometimes and i wonder why i bothered. I don’t know. It’s weird. You see all these happy faces and you wonder if these folks are as happy as they show you. Are their lives so fabulous and exciting?

I do know for a  fact that we don’t see the “behind the scenes” of these instagram photos; we don’t see the 10 different poses deleted so that the “right” one can be posted, we don’t see the puffy eyes cleverly covered by expert make-up, we don’t feel the pinch and pain of those fabulous heels shown off with the hashtag #ShowGram.

So why do i feel compelled to compare my behind the scenes to someone else’s highlights reel when it depresses me whenever i do it?

I have no idea.  But i never said i was perfect. did I?

Hi! My Name Is Fola And I’m An Addict.

Like any kind of addiction, social media addiction creeps in unannounced and silently steals your time, your energy and your productivity.

It grieves me to admit this, but in order to help myself and hopefully help you, I must admit that I have a problem. I am a social media addict.

At first, it was about connecting with old and new friends, sharing information, learning new stuff and just generally being cool. Then I realized how to connect it with my job as a media practioner, and it became about building a brand, and creating a virtual media business.

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I’m Going To Tweet Less Bible Verses & 140 Character Sermons

I want to tweet less bible verses. I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off but God will help me. You wonder why?

It’s because too many of us believe that tweeting sermons in 140 characters, and cute bible verses and “christianese” means we are spreading the gospel on social media. In reality, what we are doing is sounding “religious” and alienating the very people we claim we want to reach out to.

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Social Media Christianity (3): “Learn It Before You Tweet It”


If you’re a social media enthusiast like me, you’ll know that the struggle to sound “deep and profound” is very real. People can easily shift from die hard arsenal fan to PDP goon and back to relationship therapist faster than you can spell your name. On social media, it’s easy to see “deep” quotes, “spiritual” and “motivational’ tweets from everyone and anyone.

As Christians on social media, I must say most of us are guiltier of this than anyone. We are the ones who want to “share our faith” and “encourage and inspire” our followers and friends, while impressing our fellow Christians with how “deep” and “spiritual” we are.

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EVENT: #SocialGospelLagos – Digital Evangelism Symposium

#SocialGospelLagos is a christian social media-related event that aims to draw the attention of Christians towards using social media to propagate the gospel.

Truth is, the media whether conventional or online has already been dominated by the world and Christians are always playing catch-up. It is now time for us to ‘quicken our mortal bodies’ into achieving heavenly assignments.

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Social Media Christianity – (2)


Isn’t it funny how, most of us try to compete with each other on social media? We live in a culture of constant comparison. And that’s the problem with social media, where people strive to put their picture of perfection in everyone’s faces.

There are those who try so hard to show how knowledgeable and influential they are and they do this by subtly putting others down

We claim to be the picture of perfection by showing airbrushed pictures, and airbrushed lives.

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Social Media Christianity

Social media is the new cool now. There’s really no denying that. Young, old, male and female, Everybody and their grandma is on Facebook, twitter, instagram and etc.

Over time there is the struggle to project a certain image on social media, especially with young people, the desire to be accepted, to be liked and to be perceived as cool. Majorly because the more “accepted, recognized, and liked” you are, on social media, the more your popularity soars, and the more “likes” and “followers” you get.

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Naija Christians Host Social Media Week Event! – Projecting Our Collective Identity


Social Media Week is a leading media platform and worldwide event with local presence and global reach across five continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Because of the shift we’re experiencing and the changes happening in our lives, society, culture and business, its mission is to capture, curate and share the most meaningful ideas, trends and best practices with regard to technology and social media’s impact on business, society and culture.

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