Embracing The Journey Of Growing Older…

The Older i get, the more i realize i no longer want a lot of things i thought i wanted. I’ll call myself a late bloomer; It took me a while to really find myself and be friends with myself.

The older i get, the more i become comfortable with the woman i am and the more i embrace and anticipate the woman i’m becoming.

The older i get, the more self-aware i become. I am confident to say what i want, i make choices with certainty, i love without fear, and i work towards my purpose with clarity.

I’ll turn thirty-three in July and i am looking forward to my mid-thirties. I must say life in the 30’s is pretty good. It has it’s struggles of course, but the learning on the journey has been amazing.

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3 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For The ‘Wrong’ Guys

If you keep falling for the wrong guys and hooking up with men you’re not supposed to touch with a ten mile pole, it’s probably because you haven’t figured out that you just might be the problem.

  1. You haven’t gotten to know yourself. – If you have not taken out time to meet you, understand you, accept what makes you tick, what drives you, what pisses you off, what you love, who you are and what your values are, you’ll fall into the shadow of anyone around you and before you know it, you’ll adapt to any guy you’re currently dating. You’ll lose your individuality because you never knew enough about yourself to assert yourself in the relationship.

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PODCAST: How To Be Single

Being single these days can be quite an uncomfortable subject for single people to talk about. Because society, the religious community and even social media public opinion have all concluded that it’s a phase of life to be embarrassed about. Single people have learned to describe themselves as “waiting”, “delayed”, and so many other erroneous adjectives.

On this episode of The Favored Woman Show, I talk about viewing being single in the right perspective. Listen, download & share with others!


PODCAST: Single? Yes! Lonely? Maybe Not…


PODCAST: Single? Yes! Lonely? Maybe Not…It’s another episode of THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW and this week, it’s all about the general misconception that all older singles are lonely. Well maybe some are, maybe some are not. And if you’re a single person living like you’re lonely, maybe it’s time to find out that you’re probably not!

So, sit back, relax, listen, download and share this week’s podcast! You’ll definitely enjoy it!

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Dear Christian Woman, Your Body Is NOT Yours….

Feminists won’t like this. But as christian women, (and men), the word of God is what we live by and not the philosophies and ideologies of man.

This evening, a friend of mine, posted a picture she had taken to celebrate womanhood and gender empowerment and she received a lot of criticism because of the body paint. (and the nudity of course). As a work of art, i must say, it looked gorgeous and i absolutely loved the boldness and the paint.

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We Are Not All Meant To Be Married…

For some time now, I’ve been ruminating over why so many single people are pressured about marriage in the church community.  Most churches are quick to deny this. They say; “No one is pressuring you, it’s okay to be single and serve God…” and other patronising statements like that but every time special programs are organised for singles, the theme will always revolve around relationships, dating and marriage.

Look, we have single people and we have married people. Not everyone is meant to be married. I believe that there is no such thing as a healthy church until we bring back God’s call to singleness inside the church.

We won’t glorify God completely unless we have a vibrant single’s community. And I’m not talking about a “meet other singles and network for dating opportunity” kind of single’s fellowship most churches have.

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Dear Single Women…

Let me start by saying that jerry Maguire lied to y’all.  You will not find a man that completes you. Only Jesus can do that. And he already has.  It’s a good thing to desire a husband but it shouldn’t be the goal of your existence. Don’t sit around waiting for a man to come and marry you before your life can have a meaning.  God wants to use you and frankly speaking, whether you are single or married, he will use you if you let him. So why are you waiting for marriage before you get on track with what God wants to do?

Leverage on your single status by pouring into the lives of younger women and making disciples. There are Secondary school girls, Undergraduates, and other younger girls who look up to you and think you are incredible. Seize this opportunity and mentor them.

Don’t sit around moping and trolling your married friends’ instagram photos (especially the #MyHusbadAndMe selfies)

Stop it! Pour yourself out into the lives of younger ones to the glory of God.


The Annoying Thing About Being Single In Church



Being Single In Church Can Be Sometimes Annoying…

Some of you are probably wondering where on earth I’m going with a post like this. Well, hear me out for a moment. Over time, I have been quite uncomfortable with how most churches treat single people. (Especially single women)

I believe the church is a body that caters for people from all works of life and in all stages of life. Children, teenager, young adult, single, married, divorced, widowed…employed, unemployed…etc.

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