Let Pastor Go To Jail If He Has To! #StandToEndRape

At what point do people begin to realize that their pastors are not God? At what point will church members open their eyes and stop shielding and covering up Men who commit crimes in the name of “touch not my anointed”.

A Pastor in Lagos, Raped 16yr old church member for three days all in the name of “Deliverance” and his church members are asking her parents not to press charges.

This pastor was their family friend and the girl’s mother left her with him for 3 days and he brutally raped her for those 3 days.

The Pastor’s wife and kids had travelled to the village, so he was alone with her.

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When “I Want To Marry You” means “I Want To Sleep With You”


When I saw the above tweet, believe me i was stunned and then i was livid. Interestingly, not at the guy who tweeted this; but at the horde of single women who have allowed themselves to become this statistic. The sad fact is that, this guy is right. Most single women above 26 are easily lured into empty relationships because they are quick to bite on the “marriage bait”.

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PODCAST: The Road To Sexual Purity

The Subject of sex and sexuality usually gets a lot of church folks quite uncomfortable. For some people, it’s an opportunity to guilt trip the “unruly young people” in the youth fellowship, and the most young people have questions that most sermons about sex hardly addresses and struggles nobody in church seemed to really understand.

This Podcast, might not answer all those questions, but i believe for anyone who has questions about how to actually live in sexual purity, it will open a door to help you see how God wants you to deal with it. Listen, Download and make sure you share!