PODCAST: The Way of Love

Love has been on my mind lately. And the more i study, the more i realize that without us exhibiting God’s character of unconditional and sacrificial love, we cannot hope to live the christian life the way God has called us to.

Everything we do should radiate and be motivated by Love. without it, we are empty and full of vain glory. ¬†Listen to this podcast, learn the way of God’s love and be motivated to love like he does.


PODCAST: True Evidence Of Change

It’s actually quite easy to declare ourselves “saved” and “transformed” and not really know how that salvation and transformation should translate to the outside world we live in.

This Podcast will show you the true evidence of your salvation and my prayer is that it will point you to the direction God is leading you in Jesus name. Amen!


PODCAST: How To Find Your Purpose; The Nehemiah Example..

How passionate are you about your community or your industry? God has placed you where you are to be a light and there is a purpose for you there.

This podcast points to one way you can find your purpose and the first step you take as you get set to walk in it.

God bless you as you listen and share!

PODCAST: Christianity; Not Stage Performance!

Lately, God has been dealing with me about a basic character flaw that is not quite Christlike. It’s that quirky twisted drive to do everything in public so that other people can see how ¬†“Christian” we are. I do know that we usually don’t start out wanting to be like this; usually it all comes from a genuine desire to do stuff for God and let our light shine. But along the line, human nature takes over and we begin to bask in the applause and recognition our work for God brings us.

God is not pleased with that. Like i said before, I’m Learning. God is pruning me and disciplining me in this area. If you open your heart to correction, he will graciously change you too!

Listen, download and don’t hesitate to share! God bless you!

#VIDEO: When You Can’t See God In Your Situation

Why does it sometimes feel like God is far away, just when we need to feel His presence the most? Would God really disappear in our greatest time of need? In this clip, Pastor Steven Furtick shows us through the story of Moses and the Red Sea that God is always fighting for us, and He can use our difficult situations to draw us towards Him, stretching our faith and increasing His glory in the process.


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PODCAST: God Believes In You!

It feels good when people we love tell us that they believe in us. It feels especially good when our parents tell us they believe in us too! Our shoulders are lifted a notch higher, we approach life and what we do with increased confidence. Now think about how much impact you will make when the revelation that God believes in you hits your spirit!

That’s what this podcast is about. God open my eyes to 1st Timothy 1:12 – 17 and i can’t wait to share it with you! God bless you as you listen, download and share with your friends and loved ones!

PODCAST: The Secret Of Living!

Happy New Week everyone! May this new week be full of blessings and unlimited favor for you in Jesus name. I am convinced in my spirit to regularly share the word of God with you, not only in writing, but also verbally, hence this podcast. i strongly believe as you listen, download and share with everyone you know, the love of God will wax more strongly in your heart and you will desire to know him more and have a deeper relationship with him in Jesus name.

This podcast is called “The Secret of Living”. be blessed as you download & listen.