Christmas! Teach Your Kids About Jesus; NOT Santa Claus!

Christmas has always been a holiday celebrated carelessly. Even by Christians. Over the years, various customs and traditions have found their way into the church and the 21st century Christian does not even realize that a lot of these traditions are unscriptural. As you read this, please bear in mind that I do not intend to ruin anyone’s fun, be legalistic or rain on anyone’s parade. I only seek to draw attention to who we have been called to be and remind those who have forgotten that though we live in this world, we do not belong here.

For Christians, Christmas day is the day we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ who was sent from God to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and bring us into relationship with God. It’s the ultimate sign of God’s love for us. (John 3:16). This love compels us to celebrate Christmas by showing love to everyone around us, hence, the distribution of gifts and “Christmas cheer”.

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