Find Your Community & CONNECT!

Behavioural scientists say humans are by nature social creatures. We connect with other humans emotionally and we seek out physical connections that appeal to us emotionally.

As it is true in behavioural science, so is it true in our lives as spiritual  beings too. In actual fact, i believe this desire for connection originates from our spirit because Man is spirit first.

We cannot do life alone. we are not wired that way. In our walk with God, we will sometimes need a hand to hold as we walk through some difficult learning moments, we will need the support  of a community, and the companionship and fellowship of friends and brethren to share joys with.

Community keeps us from becoming a self-absorbed island. community can keep us accountable. community keeps us balanced.

God always establishes us in a community so that we can receive his love through the channels of people he surrounds us with.  It could be your church family, circle of friends, prayer group or mentors; take a careful look around you; you’ll find them.

Now, i’m not saying things will be rosy dovy all the time with some people in your community; because we are human, friction will happen but you will learn through grace and forgiveness and you will grow.

You are not created to go through life all on your own. God has given you a support system. look carefully around you; chances are you already know who they are. CONNECT!

We Need Kisses & We Need Hugs….

Relationships are important. God intends for us to have them; with him as well as with each other; that’s why he made us relational beings.  We all crave relationship in one form or the other. family relationships, friendships, companionships, and at the core of our being is the ultimate craving for a relationship with God. It might take a while for some people to get there, but eventually, they will realize that empty space can only be filled with relationship with God.

Our relationship with other people is driven by 3 core drivers; and these drivers determine if we maintain a healthy relationship or if we mess it up. They are: ATTENTION, AFFECTION & AFFIRMATION.

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Emotional Abuse; Spot The Signs & Run!

So many women (and men) are in emotionally abusive relationships and they don’t even realize it. So many don’t know because they don’t realize the implications of what is being done to them.

Emotional abuse leaves deeper scars than physical abuse. because your mind is attacked. In almost all cases of physical abuse, emotional abuse usually starts long before the physical assaults.

In case you have not been paying attention, here are some signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. I’m addressing women here but it also applies to men too. So, read with understanding..

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Yes, You Can & You Should Pray For Bae!

This is not really meant to be a ‘relationship or marriage coach’ kinda post. (Apologies in advance if it reads like that).
I just really want to share about how important prayer is in our relationship with our partners. Whether married, engaged or dating, if you’re in love and romantically involved with someone, you cannot take prayer out of the relationship.

Let me start by saying that if you do not have the confidence to bear down to talk to God about the person you’re with, you might want to check the foundations of that relationship and be honest with yourself if you should be with that person.

See, God loves love. Yes he does! He’s the author of love. In fact he is LOVE himself! So God loves the fact that you are in love with someone and he’s willing to help you navigate the ups and downs of unconditionally loving another imperfect human like yourself.

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Introducing: LADY IN WAITING; Devotional By Gbeminiyi Obadan


LADY IN WAITING  is a beautiful 10 day devotional for single women, written by Gbeminiyi Obadan; a lady i happen to admire quite a bit.

Gbemi is a blessing on social media and i am happy to share the link to the devotional here.

Single, Engaged, In a relationship or Married, i dare say this 10 day devotional will help you. The word of God is for everyone and if you open your mind, you will find something  in it for yourself.

LADY IN WAITING is available for FREE! Get it on Gbemi’s blog (Click —> HERE)

You can also follow Gbemi on twitter @gbemie_O


Dear Young Woman, You’re Made To Soar!

Beware of the subtle attempts at ‘remolding’.  All those “why don’t you…?, You’re too… , You will be perfect if you…,  subtle criticisms that chip, chip and keep chipping at you until you lose your drive and before you fully realize what is happening, you have been remolded from a woman God has created to be outstanding and extraordinary, into a basic, average woman.

Some of you single women are in the process of losing yourself in a relationship. you set aside your dreams, your ambition, you have even changed your fashion and style just because you want to be “perfect ” for someone else.

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PODCAST: How To Be Single

Being single these days can be quite an uncomfortable subject for single people to talk about. Because society, the religious community and even social media public opinion have all concluded that it’s a phase of life to be embarrassed about. Single people have learned to describe themselves as “waiting”, “delayed”, and so many other erroneous adjectives.

On this episode of The Favored Woman Show, I talk about viewing being single in the right perspective. Listen, download & share with others!


PODCAST: About Love & Celebrity Relationships (2) With Yemi Alade

I am excited to be back on THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW this week. Maximum apologies for not recording last week. Please forgive me. (hehehe)

We continue our love and celebrity series this week with The beautiful Yemi Alade and the conversation touched on the subject of Happily ever afters, long distance relationships and so much more. Yemi also dished on her idea of a perfect relationship. You do not want to miss this one so hurry up, listen, download & share!


Dear Men; Women Are Not Inferior To Us – FLOROCKA


Dear Men,

Society, tradition and culture has schooled us that women were made by God to do our bidding; that they are lesser than us and must be subdued, tamed and kept on a leash.

These entities have refused to acknowledge the role God has destined for the woman in creation. They have told us nothing but lies! Even if a woman behaves unseemly, stubborn and refuses to adapt or conform to what we call ‘accepted behavioral patterns’, it doesn’t give us the impetus to ‘trample’ on them.

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PODCAST: Single? Yes! Lonely? Maybe Not…


PODCAST: Single? Yes! Lonely? Maybe Not…It’s another episode of THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW and this week, it’s all about the general misconception that all older singles are lonely. Well maybe some are, maybe some are not. And if you’re a single person living like you’re lonely, maybe it’s time to find out that you’re probably not!

So, sit back, relax, listen, download and share this week’s podcast! You’ll definitely enjoy it!

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There’s No Such Thing As a Soul Mate!

The philosophy of a “soul mate” has done far more harm than good in our society. First and foremost, it’s a concept that is rooted in ancient mythology. Story has it that the gods split human beings as a form of punishment for their pride.

Since then, human beings have been on the search to find their “soul mate” in an attempt to reach completion once again. Ancient mythology declares that there is this unspoken knowledge—some sort of feeling a person experiences when they come face to face with their soul mate. It’s the idea that we’re half-full people waiting around for someone else to complete us.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

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PODCAST: About Love & Celebrity Relationships With Adekunle Gold

This week’s episode of THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW features Nigerian singer/songwriter; Adekunle Gold, who is quite famous for his soulful love songs and softly romantic lyrics. Adekunle Gold’s new song talked about his searching for Love, so i sat with him to discuss his views on celebrity relationships and what his ideal woman would be like.

Oh yes! True to his romantic form, he brought me a whole box of delicious cupcakes! 🙂

Enjoy the show

Stepping Away From The Lure Of Adultery

Adultery used to be a taboo. Something to hide and be ashamed about. It used to be about Older men probably having a mid-life crisis and women who had some sort of marital  dissatisfaction.

These days, Adultery has gone on rampage and young marriages seem to be the worst-hit. there’s a lot of issues to address and talk about here but i am most concerned about the horde of young married men in their 30’s to Mid 40’s who prey on single women.

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When “I Want To Marry You” means “I Want To Sleep With You”


When I saw the above tweet, believe me i was stunned and then i was livid. Interestingly, not at the guy who tweeted this; but at the horde of single women who have allowed themselves to become this statistic. The sad fact is that, this guy is right. Most single women above 26 are easily lured into empty relationships because they are quick to bite on the “marriage bait”.

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Why Does It Have To Be Movies & Popcorn Every Time?



I haven’t gone on dates in a very long while. And not just because I have been busy and I actually haven’t been particularly motivated to, but because the idea of doing the same things people who live in Lagos do on dates, give me the hibbie jibbies.

We have become rather stereotyped and predictable. And unfortunately, that’s boring. Most single people go on dates with an expectation. Movies, wine, dine, conversation (or not) and the beginning of a romance that leads to the ever illusive happily ever after.

Whatever happened to enjoying each other’s company without undue expectations? Rich, deep, interesting, fun and at the same time intellectual conversation that does not end up in some kind of romantic tension?

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