How Can We Love Them If We Shun Them? The Question Of 1 Cor 5:11


I have always read this passage with some burning questions;

How then do we continue to love them if we shun them?  If we “refuse to eat with them”, cutting off all association, where is the place of love and tolerance?  So many Christians struggle with these issues…

How exactly does cutting them off help them?

Can you shut someone out and still pray for them?  What’s the motive of our hearts when we shut someone out?  Does that not elevate us to a place of self righteousness?  Thinking we are better than they are?

Has this theology actually helped a sinner come back?

This is Apostle Paul’s doctrine to the Corinthian church. What would Jesus do?


Use the comment section below if you have answers. Let’s discuss….

#Question: Why Does God Take So Long To Answer My Prayers?


Hey, He doesn’t take so long to answer anybody’s prayer. The truth is he answers now. Jesus said when you pray,God hears you and He answers you immediately.
There is proof in the Bible that God answers immediately, but people don’t receive the answers all the time immediately, and it’s not God’s fault. It’s their problem.

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Should Christians Listen To Secular Music?


Hi Fola,

I am a very big fan of yours and I know you are truly a Christian. I am a Christian myself by God’s grace and I will like to ask a question. I am one who loves decency even in music. I will like to know the limit of the kind of music a Christian should listen to. It seems its not okay to listen to any song, no matter how clean or positive, if was not done by a gospel artiste;it is believed that all good things come from God, and all songs that seem good must be done by a ‘clean vessel’ and must contain a GOD element.

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