About Tim’s Circumcision & The Sacrifice For Purpose

“Paul came first to Derbe, then Lystra. He found a disciple there by the name of Timothy, son of a devout Jewish mother and Greek father. Friends in Lystra and Iconium all said what a fine young man he was. Paul wanted to recruit him for their mission, but first took him aside and circumcised him so he wouldn’t offend the Jews who lived in those parts. They all knew that his father was Greek.”
(ACTS 16:1-3MSG)
Why did Paul have to circumcise Timothy before taking him along on his missionary journey? After all, the elders of the church had established earlier that non Jewish believers don’t need circumcision to be accepted by God.
Paul was reaching out to the Jewish community in Greece. Everyone in that community knows that Timothy’s father was Greek. Paul understood the controversy and debate that would bring and to avoid distraction from the message, he did what was needful.

You Might Be Distracting Yourself…

Sometimes, distractions from purpose do not come from outside or external factors; they come from within you. Indeed it is possible to distract yourself from your mission and purpose while you’re busy doing activities around that same purpose. Confused? Don’t be.

Activities can be deceptive. It keeps us busy. It makes us look busy. But a lot of times, we are running around in circles, wearing ourselves out trying to do things that God has already sorted out if only we paid closer attention to our inner communication with God and follow his leading.

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God Is Not All About ‘Vetoing’ Your Plans…


“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” –  Proverb 19:21

Some people have interpreted this verse to mean that no matter the plans we have, God’s purpose and plans always trumps it.

Taking it rather literally, they believe and have convinced many others to believe that our plans are always different from God’s purposes and so, God’s only duty is to veto every plan we make. That’s how you hear things like: “man purposes but God disposes”.

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PODCAST: How To Find Your Purpose; The Nehemiah Example..

How passionate are you about your community or your industry? God has placed you where you are to be a light and there is a purpose for you there.

This podcast points to one way you can find your purpose and the first step you take as you get set to walk in it.

God bless you as you listen and share!