I Met The Girl Called Gennesaret

It’s not a common name. and she’s not your everyday girl either. But i didn’t know that either. I had seen her several times, cooking in the kitchen that i shared with my flatmates, coming in and climbing upstairs to see her sister who shared a flat with me. Sometimes, i would say a casual hello, sometimes i wouldn’t bother. Either way, i never really spared her a thought. i was indifferent.

But God had other plans. You see, a lot of times, we ignore the very people that God had brought into our lives and don’t care because we are not sensitive enough to see them and recognize them.

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This Thing About ‘Humility’…. It’s Not Easy.

It’s interesting how God will draw your attention to something you need to learn and just as you’re about to feel good that you’ve grasped it, you face the ultimate test that reveals how little you have really learned.

It’s easy to read scriptures about pride and humility and come away feeling righteous especially after we have ‘broken down’ and prayed for a character transformation. However, living a life of humility is a different ball game all together.

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Of Sycophants and “Psyco-Fans”…


In an industry like mine, you’re constantly in danger of believing your own hype. If God has blessed you the abilities and you’re good at what you do, you will be constantly surrounded by obsequious flatterers and fawners who are quick to sing your praises and tell you “how great thou art”.

You gotta admit it. It feels good. After all, doesn’t everyone need some form of validation and some ego stroking? Maybe.

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All The Glory And Honor Belongs To …. Me?


How many times do we do praise worthy and good deeds without taking pleasure in the accolades that follow?

As I write this, I also struggle with giving God the glory when I know I should.

Recently, the award winning gospel singer, Rachel Kerr had a concert in my church and I noticed that before every song, she would take time to say: “If there’s anything worthy of praise or admiration and applause in the performance, all the glory and praise belongs to God”. I remember watching her and thinking oh, how cute!


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PODCAST: Stay In Your Lane! – A Tale Of Two Kings…

James 4:6 (NIV)

“…But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

Pride is an uncomfortable subject to talk about. In church or out of church. mainly because God is still dealing with our pride in one area or the other. Human ovation and praise have the tendency to puff us up and it’s only by the spirit of God that we can put the flesh and it’s pride under submission and allow God to do his total work in us and through us.
Pride can make us abandon God’s chosen way for us and head of in a whole different direction. May this podcast open your eyes to God’s word more and may your heart be transformed as you listen and study the word.

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