Winning From The Inside Out

This year is about living purposefully and deliberately. It’s about seeing too. Because everything in the universe might conspire to block your vision from seeing beyond what’s happening right in front of you. But if you look into your spirit, what do you see?

God has just reminded me that every project I’ve ever done that has been successful, I had seen the complete picture in my mind before I even wrote down the idea.

So in moments of doubt, I look inside. What do I see?

I have the mind of Christ the spirit tells me. My mind connects with the spirit and shows me a picture. And then I smile. Because once again, I have won.

Scared Of Being Obscure

Obscurity: The state of being unknown or inconspicuous. Can also mean anonymity, lack of fame/renown/honor/recognition.

Sounds like a scary word isn’t it? Doesn’t sound positive. definitely not a word we want associated with us.

We live in a world where being ‘unknown’ can be synonymous with being ‘unimportant’. Social media has opened doors to previously unbelievable levels of instant fame and popularity. Motivational speakers and coaches encourage us to ‘put ourselves out there’. Even when we are preached at, to ‘let our light shine’, we are hardly ever told that there’s a thin line between letting your light shine for the glory of the father and playing for the gallery.

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Please Help Me Remember….

Dear God,

Please help me remember how good you’ve been to me.

help me remember how you’ve come through for me when I was helpless and needed you.

Help me remember that I don’t need to help you do anything.

Help me remember that all I need to do is trust you and take you at your word

Help me remember that my relationship with you is more important than any other thing I want from you

Help me remember that you know what is good for me and you’ll never leave me hanging

Help me remember that your plans for me ARE ALWAYS GOOD

Help me remember your unconditional love for me

Help me remember to trust you.

Help me remember that ultimately, YOU ARE GOD OVER MY LIFE and that’s the most important thing.

My Name Is ‘Christian’.

Unapologetically Christian. That’s who I am.

I am a Christian because I have met You Lord and experienced your grace, your mercy and your unconditional love. I have experienced what it is to be rescued from certain death and brought back to life.

I have experienced being given a purpose and a reason for experience at a time when my life was empty and I was living in a shell.

But I am here Lord. You saved me. You cleaned me up. You gave me a platform, put me on a pedestal that I couldn’t have climbed by myself.

You gave me a name, you gave me an identity.

My name is Christian. My identity is Christian, because I am fashioned in the image of Christ.

Connect Not Emotionally “Attach”

Do you ever meet people you’re drawn to help in some way? I’m not talking about doing the little you can when they ask you for help. I’m talking about connecting on such a deeper level that you feel their pain, you are elated at their success and you’re down at their disappointments.

I believe that some of us connect this way to some people’s needs because it’s a calling and a divine assignment. We’re destiny helpers. God sends us to his kids and we do what we’re called to do and move on to the next one.

We however do need to be very careful how we handle our assignments.
It’s easy to misinterpret that divine connection if we walk in the flesh.
If we’re not sensitive to the holy spirit, we can allow our emotions to rule us and ruin everything. We are not sent to get emotionally directed, we are not sent to “fall in love”. We are sent to do a job. Do it with a purity of heart and motive.

We give, we encourage, we assist, we build, we motivate and we love sacrificially. All in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Understanding that we are messengers sent on a mission, and answerable only to the master who has sent us.

About My Crush & Imaginary Date…

Let me start by saying that there are no “deep spiritual lessons” that I want to share in this post. I just wanted to tell you about something that happened to me.

Anyway, last year I saw a man and admired him from a distance. I observed the ease at which he went about his business, his obvious skill set and the intelligence that couldn’t help but show as he did what he did.

All these I noticed and liked. But I had no conversation with him despite the fact that I was quite attracted. He had this “air” around him that was enigmatic and that piqued my interest.

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I Got Tired Of My Own Blog Posts….

I have decided to stop writing fluffy religious articles. That’s why I haven’t been writing anything for some time. Oh don’t be alarmed, I am still very much interested in sharing my faith. But I have since realized that more often than not, sharing my life experiences and day to day challenges and journey with God encourages others more than pushing scriptures down people’s throats.

Not that it’s wrong to quote scriptures, it’s just that I want to relate with you more. I want you to realize that I go through the same things you do. I stumble, sometimes I fall, I think the wrong thoughts, say the wrong things but I’m still on the way. Still holding on, still trusting God and still having faith in his love.

You know it’s easy to tell others what to do. But when you have to look closely into your own life and talk about your own issues, it’s not a bed of roses. Because there are times i don’t take my own advice.

Christianity is a deeply personal journey. It’s a RELATIONSHIP. and relationships can be painful sometimes. It can be rocky sometimes. But it’s a beautiful place to be. So as i share my journey, my REAL journey, i hope and pray that it leads you to be real with God and yourself. and it encourages you to drop all performances because it’s not worth it.

Welcome to a season of realness. I will share my stories. I hope you share yours here too. So that someone somewhere will be encouraged.

Like Kirk Franklin, I’m losing my religion.

Welcome to real life.

Prayers; Don’t Need No Drama…

Because of our upbringing, a lot of us believe we need to make long complicated and Righteous sounding sentences that God will approve when we pray.

Some of us even believe that if God is not impressed, he won’t answer. So we ‘pray’ using chistianese clichés, repetitive words, and we sometimes even say stuff that means nothing us.

Another group of people is those who want to make sure that others are impressed with their spirituality and Bible knowledge when they are asked to pray.

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What I Want The Most.

Do you know it’s possible to stray from God without even realizing that you have strayed? I’m not talking about straight out backsliding into sin and decadence, but the gradual subtle leading of our desires from the basic “seek ye first…”

We do Christian things, go to church, write Christian articles, teach a bible class, sing in the choir but our attention is diverted by those things we do. So we are overwhelmed with thoughts of success in those things, we want to do it perfectly; we are so set on working the gift that the giver of the gift is forgotten.

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Give Love… Get Loved In Return….

It’s amazing how we can preach a biblical principle and hardly experience it ourselves. And when we finally do, our minds are blown away to epic proportions.

So for a while i have been learning about loving on other people and living outside of myself. It’s not an easy lesson i tell you. especially for someone whose life has always revolved around what works for her. But somehow, God kept me on track and drags me back on course when i stray.

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I Have This Feeling That My Life Has Changed…

It’s funny how we sometimes yearn for change, ask for change and even pray for a change and when that change finally happens, we resist and fight it because it did not happen like we expect or like we imagined.

I am not immune from this, i tell you. I find myself asking God to use me, send me and bla bla bla and when he finally decides to answer my prayers, i am disappointed because he did not answer it like i want him to.

But i am learning to embrace whatever he decides to do with me. After all, i had told him i trust him to take care of me. It’s not easy i tell you.

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I’ve Come A Long Way.

I’ve come a long way.

A long way from sitting on the floor and crying because a boy isn’t paying me any attention

A long way from trying so hard to fit in and be liked

A long way from lying to myself and everybody about who i am

A long way from engaging in risky and dangerous behavior without caring about myself

A long way from hurting the people who love me because i didn’t know how to love myself

I’ve come a long way.

I didn’t get here by myself. God brought me.

Through the pain of brokenness, he lovingly put me back together.

I may be cracked and scarred. But my scars are beautiful.

They just show that indeed, I’ve come a long way.

©4LaH 2015

I Am Only Here For A While…

Sometimes, God places you in a certain position for a specific mission. He can bring you into someone’s life to meet a specific need. Put you on a job to complete an assignment and once you’re done, he pulls you out.

The thing is, you have to understand what he has called you to do and be discerning to know when you’re done.

I served in a church for years (close to 10 years actually) and a little over a year ago, i sensed God calling me to serve somewhere else. This new place was smaller and so so different from the place i had grown used to.

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Today I Met The “Friends” I Never Had

I never imagined I would one day write something like this but after what just happened to me, I found myself seeing life from a whole new perspective. Today, I witnessed and felt first hand, the effects of gossip and backbiting in its entire evil form.

I walked into a conversation 3 people that I once regarded as “friends” were having about me. I stood there for more than 10 minutes without their knowledge and heard their opinion about me and it felt like I swallowed a chunk of lead. (I even heard that my Christianity is not real!)

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No. They Won’t Let You “Be Yourself”…

So many times, i hear people say to me: “I like you because you are so real. Please keep on being yourself”. I used to think i know what that meant, but these days i’m not sure i do.

I have since realized that when people tell you to keep being yourself, they really don’t mean it. What they are actually saying is, “keep being the version of you that we like and we are comfortable with”.  They ask you to be “yourself” but the moment they can’t understand your actions, can’t figure you out or you step out of formation, they are right there telling what to do, what to think and how to live your life.

“I don’t like the way you left your hair unstyled”.

“Why don’t you wear more skirts?”

“You should wear more make-up”

“Why don’t you hang out more”

And on and on… the unsolicited advice never stops.  They want you to “please be yourself” but they won’t let you be.