Bullying From The Pulpit…

There was a long period in my life where the nickname “church girl” would suit me perfectly. Raised in church, became an almost fanatical Pentecostal young adult, and then by God’s mercy, translated to a well-balanced Christian woman.

On that journey, I had several opportunities of working behind the scenes as a choir leader, group leader, church worker, pastoral assistant staff and I believe those experiences were instrumental to my breaking free of the bounds that I almost didn’t realize held me.

Bullies exist in every walk of life. They’re in our homes, in schools and they’re in the workplace and they’re in church too! The thing is, the bullies in church are very good at cloaking this horrible act in spiritual hocus pocus.  It’s painful to watch so many Christians slowly get sucked into the vortex of charismatic pastors and leaders who are skilled at making followers who are so eager to please them, do what they want.

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Let Pastor Go To Jail If He Has To! #StandToEndRape

At what point do people begin to realize that their pastors are not God? At what point will church members open their eyes and stop shielding and covering up Men who commit crimes in the name of “touch not my anointed”.

A Pastor in Lagos, Raped 16yr old church member for three days all in the name of “Deliverance” and his church members are asking her parents not to press charges.

This pastor was their family friend and the girl’s mother left her with him for 3 days and he brutally raped her for those 3 days.

The Pastor’s wife and kids had travelled to the village, so he was alone with her.

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About Church Leaders And Scandals…

Scandals happen in the church. It shouldn’t, but it does. It discourages the flock, and even the non-believers, but we cannot erase the fact that it happens.

However, it is not just a recent phenomenon. these scandals have been happening for a long time– since the beginning of Christianity, but thankfully, we have New Testament instruction about how to deal with them.

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