#NewFavorite: “Oba Ara” By @Oluwa_shalom

Every time Shalom opens her mouth, she blesses me. Shalom is an amazing music minister and vocal coach.

On this new single, she features Gbenga Akinfenwa and i have had the song on replay all morning. I need to share it with you because I want it to bless you as much or even more than it has blessed me.



#NewFavorite: INTRODUCING Lily Perez (@LilyPerezlive)

I haven’t posted any new music in a while. Not because there hasn’t been any, but because i want to make sure if i introduce you to any song here, it has to be a song that has personally blessed me.

Recently, i have been so blessed  by this new worship song i have just discovered by a lady who I believe we will soon be really good friends (Lool). She has an incredible testimony that inspired the song and i believe you will connect with it.

I Interviewed her on my radio show on sunday and i was so touched by her story and inspired by how God brought her through it all.

Listen to AMAZING GOD by Lily Perez.  Be free to download it and share too!

click —> HERE to download


#NewFavorite: ‘STAND’ – Diatonic


Check out this brand new sound from the music arm of the Parish Youth Church of the Pentecost Anglican Communion. The song; titled “Stand”, is the theme song of their forthcoming youth week program and the debut single off their soon to be released album.

The group is called DIATONIC, and the song features Propane of the C.I.A Rap Group.

Listen and Download guys! I love it!


#NewFavorite: “Carry Me” – CHEE

declaration (1)

I am super excited to introduce this amazing vocalist; CHEE! You might have known her outside of the gospel genre, but here is another opportunity to know her in a whole new way as she debuts her gospel single; CARRY ME.

“Carry Me” is a timely message to the Father of all creation as we journey into 2016 and know that it’s not by our strength but by God’s strength that we can pull through. He will carry us all.


#NewFavorite: O.W.E.C.K – ‘Eze’

Here’s introducing OWECK. A dynamic music minister, a versatile singer, talented songwriter and producer, with the primary goal of pleasing God on and off the stage, O.W.E.C.K has established himself as one of Nigeria’s leading and brightest prospects for Gospel music.

He believes in exploring his creative possibilities without limits or boundaries, and that quest led him to the stage of the Nigeria Idol Talent Show in 2013, where he emerged as a semi-finalist. An alumnus of the prestigious Peter King’s College of Music, O.W.E.C.K has paid his dues, working his way up by singing background vocals for Timi Dakolo, and as a solo artiste, he believes in bridging the gap between art and spirit.

He is currently a lead worship minister at the WaterBrook Church, Lagos, Nigeria.

Follow him on twitter @oweckmusic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oweckmusic

Here’s his debut single; EZE.

#NewFavorite: PETER TOBE – Abasi Ya

I get sent tons of new music every week and i think over time i have just become rather numb. But this man right here, woke me up from my slumber and i just can’t shut up about it. His name is Peter Tobe and he’s a Nigerian worship music artiste based in South Africa.  He has a brand new album and he emailed me 5 Tracks off the album and they are AMAZING!

I can’t post the songs here for obvious reasons. you’ll just have to buy the album or listen to my radio show on sunday mornings to hear the songs.

I will however post a non-downloadable song here so you can have a feel, but please make sure you buy the album. You can find Peter Tobe on twitter @IamPeterTobe and the album is called “A New Song”. It’s available on iTunes.

Listen to ABASIYA YA

#NewFavorite: South African Gospel Artistes Sing Against Xenophobia


I haven’t shared new music on here in a while. And that’s because I always wait for a song that truly touches my heart to come. I just received this song in my mail and it’s great to be able to show you this incredible collaboration between African artistes:  Neville D, Judith Sephuma & Patrick Duncan.

Pray is a song written and produced by Neville D as a plea to God to guide south africa  through the current attacks xenophobic attacks, and restore peace.

“I like Jesus’ idea about loving your neighbour as yourself, because I don’t think you can love and murder your neighbour at the same time,” he said after the song’s release.

THAT; my people, is the message of this gospel. It’s time to pray for God’s intervention in South Africa



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#NewFavorite: GAISE – Gbagbe Oshi

When Gaise put out a notification on his instagram that he will be releasing a new single, i was excited and i waited with bated breath. and i must tell you he did not disppoint! His raw, uncut, unapologetically ethnic flow stepped up a notch higher in this new single called “Gbagbe Oshi”.

The message is not lost and the groove is definitely present! Dear Gaise, I’m a fan, FOREVER!

Listen and Make sure you DOWNLOAD!

#NewFavorite: IK WORSHIPS – Olorun Aiye

IK Worships is one worship leader that i can’t help listening to. There’s a certain kind of depth in every song he releases. This new song was released just in time for the new year, it’s called ‘Olorun Aiye’ and it speaks of God’s greatness and awesomeness.
IK Worships is a worship leader at Global Impact Ministries and a recording artiste who has carved out a niche for himself in the Contemporary Christian Music scene in Nigeria.
Click — HERE TO DOWNLOAD ‘Olorun Aiye’

#NewFavorite: RoyalPriest feat. Gwen – “We Pray For You”



ΣLSPETH fingers(3)At this time in our nation’s history, it is an undeniable fact that our country, our leaders and our people need prayers and God’s intervention. Activists have rallied, analysts have made comments, politicians have squabbled. It is now time for the artistic community to speak out and call for help.

This song is deeply resonates our desire and commitment to pray for our country. because we know that God answers us when we pray. It’s worth your time. Listen!

#NewFavorite: K’ORE – Only One

If you are a reggae music lover like me, then you’re going to absolutely love this! Kenny K’ore has always made beautiful music and this new one is no exception. Go ahead and download while i gush about it!

#NewFavorite: ESE PETERS – The Prayer

Rarely do i find any artiste whose music gives me the shivers. Ese Peter’s music does that. He’s one person who is so deep, so calm and his ability to make you connect with his music is nothing short of amazing. This is Ese’s new song. it’s called the prayer and i won’t say anything about it other than; Listen, download and make sure you put it on replay!