About Servants And Errand Boys & Girls…

The word servant dropped into my mind this morning and I’ve been thinking about it. Who really is a servant? A person who performs duties for others or a person employed in the service of a government. In its medieval meaning, someone whose life exists for service

A servant’s life is lived to please and satisfy his or her master. And most importantly, servants are sent on errands.

Where are the servants of God?

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I Don’t Have “To Feel Humbled”…

So I have been learning some important lessons about humility and I think that humility is one character trait that we would all like to believe we possess.  But we can hardly think we are humble without feeling some pride in our “humility” and that just negates the whole thing right?

I am learning that there is no such thing as “feeling humble” because humility is not a feeling. It can begin as an attitude that then develops into a core character trait.

In my industry, when people say they “feel humbled” (especially after an award or a special recognition of some sort) what they are really saying is that they feel somewhat undeserving of that recognition and are grateful for it.

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