About The Inhumane Treatment & Abuse Of House-Helps..

This is a picture of a 12 year old child, working as a house help and severely punished abused by her employer. I saw this report and i was heartbroken. I’ve thought about this system of hiring underage girls as house-helps for a while and I’ve often spoke about it on my radio show but i guess it’s time to start to write about it too.

I grew up with housemaids. Like over 70% of middle class Nigerian kids. As a young girl, i didn’t really pay much attention to how they came and went. Some were playmates and sisters i never had and we got along just fine. However, as i became older, and understood what it meant to be the help,  i began to pay more attention to what was going on around me, especially in other families.

Some of these house-helps, were hired through a middle man or woman who had permission from the girl’s family, and negotiates her fees, taking a commission and remitting the balance to her parents.

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