I WILL Be Grateful!

God is teaching me to stop being selfish and I’m proving too stubborn to learn. But in time, my restless and loss of peace has pushed me to pay attention to the lessons.
I spend way too much time thinking about what I want and what I don’t have and where I need to be. It drains my energy and it steals my joy. I become anxious and I stop being grateful.
Paying so much attention to what you don’t have blinds you from seeing and appreciating what you already have. Focusing on the people that have left you will stop you from properly loving and paying attention to the people who stayed.
FOLA, when was the last time you were really grateful for all God has done? You are saved, blessed with spiritual gifts, empowered to be a blessing, you’re healthy, favored with a job and a roof over your head and more… 
Yet you pay more attention to what you think you don’t have. Have you considered that you don’t have it because you lack gratitude for what you do have? ” says Father God
So I retrace my steps. My season of gratitude starts today. No more despondency. No more silent cravings. No more anxiety for what may or may not happen. I will look outside myself and make my gifts and blessings available for others.
I am God’s blessed child. I will show gratitude by being a blessing.

Dear God, Thank You For 2016

Thank you for loving me all through the year
Thank you for peeling back the final layers of insecurity and dependence on human approval
Thank you for meeting my needs such that i never lacked anything
Thank you for teaching me contentment
Thank you for teaching me grace this year
Thank you for showing me what true love really means
Thank you for keeping me healthy all through the year
Thank you for having my back even in times when i did’nt realize it
Thank you for emotional growth
Thank you for wisdom
Thank you for increased capacity for greatness
Thank you for all the ideas you gave me
Thank you for all the projects you helped me accomplish
Thank you for all the people you connected me with
Thank you for the friendships that ended
Thank you for the happy days. They made me appreciate how awesome you are
Thank you for the sad days. They taught me patience and brought me closer to you
Thank you for all the times i’ve been distant from you and you loved me back to you
Thank you for seeing beyond what i can see in myself
Thank you for giving me the desire to love you
Thank you for teaching me how to communicate with and listen to you
Thank you for being my dad, my friend, my Lord and my Lover

This is just a fraction of what i have to thank you for. I don’t have enough words. You know my heart more than i do.

Thank you for EVERYTHING

Gratitude Is Beyond Saying “Thank You”

We live in a culture of entitlement. Everyone expects something from other people. Some expectations are valid, while some are just plain unreasonable.

People always say that the entertainment industry is a place where loyalty is practically non-existent. and while I have experienced my share of back-stabbing and outright betrayal, I somehow still try to look for the best in people and extend my hand to help out in the best way that I can.

Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been any improvement. Ingratitude abounds and it’s disheartening to see God’s children becoming susceptible to this sinful trait.

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