How are you doing today?

I feel so strongly that i should encourage you this morning, that whatever you might be going through this moment, this season, DO NOT FEAR. YOU WILL COME OUT FINE!

In whatever situation you find yourself, DO NOT LOSE YOURSELF. Always be conscious of who you are and whose you are.

You are the beloved of God

You are the apple of God’s eyes

You  matter to God

You are Important

You are beautiful

You are Lovable

You have been blessed and gifted

You deserve love and every good thing

God does not make mistakes. You are NOT a mistake. Your life is not a mistake; God knows what he is doing and he is working to make everything work together for your good.

This morning, please trust God to come through for you. I have seen and experienced him come through for me in the most amazing ways and If he did it before, he can and he will do it again. He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Smile, Laugh, Dance and be encouraged!

I Love you

The Only Way To Understand Your Value

Do you ever think about how valuable you are?  Maybe you already know that. Maybe you have parents or siblings or friends or even a spouse who lets you know that on a daily basis.  Or maybe you don’t.

Whether or not someone tells you is not the case here though. It’s whether or not you know for sure that you’re precious and valuable.

Get this. You’re not valuable because someone says you are, you’re not valuable because of the amazing things you do at work or the selfless sacrifices you make for your loved ones. It’s not about your contributions to society either.

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