Forgiveness + Kindness + Understanding + Love = GRACE





Forgiveness, Kindness , Understanding , Love .

How often do we use those words without necessarily thinking they mean more than they actually do?

How often do we ask for those from people we care about? When we sin against God, we want forgiveness don’t we?  When we need some favor, we want to be met with kindness from the person we need it from.

When we don’t meet expectations, we will love to be understood and to experience the restfulness that being met with understanding gives us, right? And of course, who doesn’t need to be loved?

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He Killed My Father & 3 Brothers. But He Came To Me & Asked For Pardon.

“He killed my father and three brothers. He did these killings with other people, but he came alone to me and asked for pardon. He and a group of other offenders who had been in prison helped me build a house with a covered roof. I was afraid of him — now I have granted him pardon, things have become normal, and in my mind I feel clear.”

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