I Want An Egalitarian Marriage…

I grew up exposed to conservative, christian marriages even though I was raised by a single mother. I was raised to aspire to that kind of marriage because it’s the “right and proper way”. Gender and relationship stereotypes where husbands lead and wives followed or  submit were entrenched in every lesson, moral instruction and youth counseling session.

As I grew older and started looking closely, I saw  how unhappy most of  the married people around me were; the women struggling and sometimes resigned to playing their assigned gender roles and I knew something was wrong with that dynamic and I was sure I wanted none of it.

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A Reminder To The Christian Feminist…

As we are concerned about issues of equal opportunities and putting an end to patriarchy, sexism, emotional and physical abuse,  we should constantly check our hearts with Christ and put him at the center of all that we are and all we do.
It’s all too easy to get carried away by the mainstream rhetoric and lose touch with our core values as Christians.  Remember love. Remember patience. Remember humility. Remember kindness.
Remember that a strong Christian woman is one who stands courageous in faith and love. It’s not in how loudly you argue, its not in how hard you push yourself in front of everyone.  It’s about understanding your purpose in life and working boldly by God’s grace to fulfill it.
Our feminism is about understanding and accepting our freedom in Christ because we have been made free indeed! It’s about expressing our faith in love and boldly speaking out and using our gifts to glorify the Lord and being a blessing to the world.
Before we are feminists, we are Christians. Re-created in the image and likeness of Christ. Let our attitudes and character reflect this.

Thoughts About My Feminism….

Isn’t it sad to see feminism reduced to cooking and house chore debates on social media? I think it’s even worse because young women “championing the cause” clearly have limited understanding of what Feminism is really about.

And then out largely patriarchal and selectively ignorant society also doesn’t help. As a result, Feminism becomes probably one of the most abused & misunderstood concepts in Nigeria.

Feminism for me, is all about EQUALITY. But there is a false understanding that when feminists are talking about equality they’re talking about being the same as men. But that is not it at all. Even the dumbest dummy knows that women are physiologically different from men.

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