Addicted To Entertainment

Do you realize how many of us are addicted to being entertained? Look around you for a moment; the media is all about entertainment these days. More music, more drama, even the news is delivered sensationally to keep us entertained.

Cell phone companies are continuously developing new ways of giving us the ultimate entertainment experience. Social Media has become an integral part of almost everyone’s daily life. Even the church has been sold this entertainment gospel.

Preachers have perfected the art of oratory, using a blend of imagery, metaphors & humorous anecdotes to make the sermon entertaining and appealing so at the end, we clap and cheer in excitement and feel good.

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Are You Willing To Take The Back Seat?

I am created to make God's name great.

I woke up this morning to see this quote, and as usual, the instinctive response was to click “like” and move on. But then it stayed on my mind and i realized that God wanted me to think about it.

How easy it is to take the back seat? In a world and society where you are expected, instructed and advised to promote yourself, push yourself forward and put yourself first above all others.

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The Entertainment Industry Will Not Come To Church…

Recently, Hollywood has been recreating bible stories for Cinema and most of the movies have been anything but bible based. Movies like NOAH and EXODUS came out to scathing reviews by Christians because they did not accurately depict the message of the bible and some of the characters were so off mark that it was almost hilarious.

But come to think of it, why should Hollywood “get it right”?  The stories are ours. We were entrusted with them. And since we have refused to tell it, others who don’t really know the purpose of those stories will tell it as they see fit.

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