Of Sycophants and “Psyco-Fans”…


In an industry like mine, you’re constantly in danger of believing your own hype. If God has blessed you the abilities and you’re good at what you do, you will be constantly surrounded by obsequious flatterers and fawners who are quick to sing your praises and tell you “how great thou art”.

You gotta admit it. It feels good. After all, doesn’t everyone need some form of validation and some ego stroking? Maybe.

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Taking Responsibility For Entertainment Content

I’m worried about the future of entertainment and the arts. Wholesome, moral and grime free content has gradually been eroded and replaced with debauched and morally bankrupt content.

Music is no longer food to the soul. It’s now poisonous. Art has no more meaning; dance has been reduced to sex with clothes on.

Look around you; take a good look at your favourite TV shows; would you like your children to be inspired by the heroes and heroines of these shows? Drug dealers, Adulterers, Serial Murders and Homosexuals have become our favourite TV characters.

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The Entertainment Industry Will Not Come To Church…

Recently, Hollywood has been recreating bible stories for Cinema and most of the movies have been anything but bible based. Movies like NOAH and EXODUS came out to scathing reviews by Christians because they did not accurately depict the message of the bible and some of the characters were so off mark that it was almost hilarious.

But come to think of it, why should Hollywood “get it right”?  The stories are ours. We were entrusted with them. And since we have refused to tell it, others who don’t really know the purpose of those stories will tell it as they see fit.

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The Mixture Of God And Entertainment. How It Works For Me…

People keep telling me how I’m too “Jesusy” on social media. (On twitter particularly) strangers and acquaintances and colleagues friends always ask me: “don’t you think you are taking this God and Jesus thing too far? Then they proceed to “enlighten” me how being too “religious” on twitter is affecting my “image” and how it can be bad for my “brand”.

Sometimes I try to explain, other times, I can’t just be bothered.  I know they mean well. After all, from most people’s point of view, media and entertainment do not mix with God. Because the entertainment industry is supposed to be “sinful” and “ungodly” and entertainers are usually not perceived as godly people.

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Dedications With Sophie Debuts on SuperScreen!

If you’ve been watching Sophie on loveworldplus, you can now see her on SuperScreen TV as her award-winning gospel entertainment show, DEDICATIONS debut on the channel.

The show allows you to send your music dedications to your loved ones, as well as enjoy personality interviews with celebrities.

It will air three days weekly, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:30pm- 1:30pm!