#1000HelpingHands – Help Get A 100 Children Back To School!

Over 10.5 million Nigerian children are out of school, the largest globally. The Destiny Trust puts a face to this number; they are the children we encounter on the streets and disadvantaged communities.

#1000HelpingHands is a campaign of the Destiny Trust to support the education of at least 100 disadvantaged children every year by inviting 1000 People to give.

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BRAND NEW READ: You’re Hired!

YOU’RE HIRED is a book that guides young professionals toward making the best of job interviews. It recognizes that a candidate’s qualifications can get him or her through the interviewer’s door, but securing the dream job requires much more.

This book provides the three key strategies for getting hired. It shows how to identify the strongest qualities a candidate has for any job interview and additionally, provides the most appropriate responses to typical job interview questions.

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