GUEST POST – Jesus Paid For His Sins Too! By Onyedika Nwoji

Jesus didn’t only make a sacrifice for our sins, but also for His sins too! Shocking? I know! But just follow me closely so you don’t misunderstand me.

A high priest is chosen by God to represent his people, offering their gifts to God and also SACRIFICES FOR THEIR SINS. He is gentle with ignorant and wayward people because he himself is weak. So he offers sacrifices not just for their sins, but his sins also (Hebrews 5:1-4, 7:27).

Now we have an Eternal High Priest, Jesus Christ, who also understands our weaknesses, because He has faced all the temptations and sufferings we have faced in the flesh, yet He didn’t sin, and He learnt obedience by the things He suffered. So God qualified Him to be a PERFECT High Priest to become the source of our Eternal Salvation (Hebrews  4:14-15, 5:8-9).

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GUEST POST: Spirituality & Mental Reasoning – By Onyedika Nwoji

Often times you hear that you don’t apply mental reasoning in spiritual matters. You just accept them the way they are and don’t try to overanalyze it. This is true, and I believe this…to an extent.
In as much as I believe human reasoning can’t fully comprehend spiritual matters, I also believe that God didn’t give us our minds without a purpose. You really can’t separate the mind from spiritual matters. But often, people discard reasoning entirely to embrace a spiritual knowledge with little or no understanding of it.

Our minds have been given to us for evaluation. Our minds naturally analyze things, including spiritual matters…Yes, I said it. If it’s not so, then why does God see the need for us to renew our minds?

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GUEST POST: Misconception Of Success…

Whenever I ask young people like myself questions about the vision they have for their life, ambitions, dreams, etc., oftentimes, the response I get is something like; “My dream is to be very successful, wealthy, blah blah…” Crap! When I hear such, all my mind interprets is “my dream is to be very vain, confused and miserable.

First of all, most young people don’t even understand what success is, they measure it with monetary value. That’s why they lack vision. All they want is to make money,  to “blow”,  to “hammer”, and that’s why most of them end up miserable because they don’t even have a vision to guide them through life. Making money is not a bad thing. Infact, you should be wealthy, but wealth doesn’t define (or measure) success.

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