GUEST POST: Confidence Was Nowhere To Be Found – By @Mr_Nkay

As written by Emmanuel Nkamare (Nkay)


Looking at my 17 year old self, saved and seriously involved in the church but barely with any personal direction for life or confidence. I realize now there was a problem with that, I was convinced that I had a duty to serve God but I couldn’t place a bet on his interest in my personal life, my dreams, the use of the gifts He had given me or my Joy as a person.

But fast forward 3 years later,  who would have thought that the songs He had put in my heart in the weirdest places like a bus or in the toilet would become praise anthems around the world among young people who looked up to me, or worthy of recognition by musicians I looked up to. That I’d be spotted out by an Artiste I looked up to and my life would change completely or that I would acquire a law degree and a masters a year after from one of the most recognized law institutions in the world.

If all these had been prophesied to me by a man of God I probably would have said amen but without any faith.

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8 Traits of a Confident Woman

1. She’s had enough. When you’ve had enough of living for someone else, pleasing others, craving others’ approval or of those who bind your life with theirs; when you’ve had enough of the fear of confronting someone or are ready to stand up for yourself, you’re walking in your God-given confidence. When you are ready to step out of these types of situations and follow God fully, you are a confident woman.

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