Fighting The Distortions – By Chude Jideonwo‏ (@Chude )

There are many bible characters I don’t much like. If I had lived in their time, I wouldn’t sit down and have a drink with them. I would respect them, possibly even admire them. But I wouldn’t be friends with them.

Like Isaiah, or Jeremiah; too angry, too bi-polar.

Still conflicted about the Apostle Paul.

The book of Romans is a seminal work on human frailty, but much of the rest is lacking in empathy. But Jesus. My God, Jesus!  It’s why it’s so important to me to fight back the distortions of his nature by fundamentalists. And it’s all there, in the Bible. In the words the gospels report. His nature, it’s all there; yet, often distorted.

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Gifted & Thinking Of Leaving The Church…

God has blessed the church with an abundance of gifts and talents and it’s so beautiful to see these gifts flourish and bless lives as they are harnessed, developed and expressed.

” He handed out gifts above and below, filled heaven with his gifts, filled earth with his gifts. He handed out gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, and pastor-teacher to train Christ’s followers in skilled servant work, working within Christ’s body, the church, until we’re all moving rhythmically and easily with each other, efficient and graceful in response to God’s Son, fully mature adults, fully developed within and without, fully alive like Christ.”

Eph 4:11-13 (MSG)

God made it a point to bless his children with all manner of gifts and there are various expressions of these gifts;  some are expressed through the arts, some are expressed through sciences, some are expressed directly in church  ministry and some are even expressed in political governance. Bottom line, is all these gifts come from God and we should be thankful for them and not stifle them.

Someone i recently met, said she would be leaving her present church because her and her husband believed that their unique gifts were being stifled and denied of expression. I was sad but i understood where she was coming from. I have also been in a place where i saw so many young talented people leave because they were denied expression.

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Scared Of Being Obscure

Obscurity: The state of being unknown or inconspicuous. Can also mean anonymity, lack of fame/renown/honor/recognition.

Sounds like a scary word isn’t it? Doesn’t sound positive. definitely not a word we want associated with us.

We live in a world where being ‘unknown’ can be synonymous with being ‘unimportant’. Social media has opened doors to previously unbelievable levels of instant fame and popularity. Motivational speakers and coaches encourage us to ‘put ourselves out there’. Even when we are preached at, to ‘let our light shine’, we are hardly ever told that there’s a thin line between letting your light shine for the glory of the father and playing for the gallery.

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My Take On The Apostle Paul & His Alleged Sexism

When I read some of the things Paul wrote about women, especially looking at it through 21st century lens, it’s easy to understand why many (especially Non-Christians) consider Paul to be quite sexist.

As a Christian feminist woman who strongly believes in equality, and a great fan of Paul the Apostle, needless to say I found this rather disturbing, and that led me to ask the uncomfortable questions and seek to understand what led my favorite Apostle in the bible to write the words he did.

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My Name Is ‘Christian’.

Unapologetically Christian. That’s who I am.

I am a Christian because I have met You Lord and experienced your grace, your mercy and your unconditional love. I have experienced what it is to be rescued from certain death and brought back to life.

I have experienced being given a purpose and a reason for experience at a time when my life was empty and I was living in a shell.

But I am here Lord. You saved me. You cleaned me up. You gave me a platform, put me on a pedestal that I couldn’t have climbed by myself.

You gave me a name, you gave me an identity.

My name is Christian. My identity is Christian, because I am fashioned in the image of Christ.

Christianity is Counter Culture.

Christianity is counter culture. The life we live when we yield to Jesus takes us away from our old system of living, thoughts, attitude and most importantly, our priorities change in it’s entirety.

Living in Christ requires us to place our entire existence into God’s hands for him to use as he will. Only then can we truly worship him. Our everyday, waking up, going to work life is our living sacrifice to God. It’s a sacrifice that sets us free. Free to do what he wants. Free to be who he’s called us to be.


The culture of our day says we should live for ourselves. We should live to please ourselves. It’s for a message that permeates every nook and cranny of our daily life. It’s in the advertisements we see daily, it’s in the music we hear, it’s even in the self-help books we read. “live for your self. Do what makes you happy”.

That’s the message that breeds selfishness and a life where pleasing God isn’t a priority.

We belong to God. We can’t live for ourselves.  We live for HIM. That’s how to fulfill purpose. That’s how to be truly happy.

The Delusion Of Social Media ‘Influence’

There was a time I was obsessed with numbers. It happens to the best of us. We have been brainwashed into believing that we are “influential” if we have a large following on social media. If our posts draw thousands of views and hundreds of comments, then we are called “influencers”.

But is that really true?  What is true influence? How does one gain the position of influence?

God has taught me that social media numbers don’t mean a thing if lives ain’t getting transformed through you.

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Dear Twitter Christians…

Dear Twitter Christians,

I’m sorry if what i have to say makes you a tad bit uncomfortable. Please accept my apologies in advance. For the past few months i have observed in silence, the response of ‘believers’ like you and I to several issues that affect the society we live in, and i must say that our responses have been rather weird. ( to put it mildly)

Lately, it’s begining to look like we are enamoured with flooding the TL with bible quotes to each other, rhapsodizing about how wonderful the verses are, while burying our head in the sands, pretending that nothing about what is going on affects us in anyway.

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I Don’t Have “To Feel Humbled”…

So I have been learning some important lessons about humility and I think that humility is one character trait that we would all like to believe we possess.  But we can hardly think we are humble without feeling some pride in our “humility” and that just negates the whole thing right?

I am learning that there is no such thing as “feeling humble” because humility is not a feeling. It can begin as an attitude that then develops into a core character trait.

In my industry, when people say they “feel humbled” (especially after an award or a special recognition of some sort) what they are really saying is that they feel somewhat undeserving of that recognition and are grateful for it.

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If Jesus Was On Earth Today, He Would Embrace Caitlyn Jenner

So the new photos of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) hit the internet and social media is in an uproar. Of course, it’s not a secret that hollywood is seriously doing all it can to push the LGBT agenda or that the culture of the world we live in is changing rapidly and morality has been redefined. But that is not the point here today.

the point is how the christian community reacts to these changes and how those reactions affect not just the perception of christianity, but our mission and calling of reconciling the world back to God. (2 Corinthians 5:19)

It’s sad to see Christians brandishing bible quotes in protest and calling fire and damnation on Caitlyn Jenner. More sad to see the threats and the barely concealed anger and open contempt displayed against Caitlyn.

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Too Many Churches, Too Little Love

The church of Jesus Christ is founded on the love principle. The church is the body of Christ, united with him in love by his spirit and it’s that love that brings us together and grows us.

We are commanded to love each other and other people around us. Without love, we cannot affect our world for Christ and fulfil the great commission.

Why then does it look like everything is falling apart around us while we are busy having jamborees and raising edifices?  We seem to have forgotten that the church is not the building we tax ourselves so hard to beautify and make grandiose.

The church is the people. Wherever the people go, they take the church with them, they take God with them, and they take the Love of Jesus with them. And affect their world with that love.

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Why Prayers Can Be Boring…

There was a time in my life when i didn’t really like to pray. I didn’t enjoy it, and whenever i had to pray outside of church, it was always when i was desperate for something.

Even when i gave my life to Christ and committed myself to following him, my prayer life merely improved just a little bit. While i prayed more regularly, i still prayed out of duty and it felt more like a chore.

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Hi! My Name Is Fola And I’m An Addict.

Like any kind of addiction, social media addiction creeps in unannounced and silently steals your time, your energy and your productivity.

It grieves me to admit this, but in order to help myself and hopefully help you, I must admit that I have a problem. I am a social media addict.

At first, it was about connecting with old and new friends, sharing information, learning new stuff and just generally being cool. Then I realized how to connect it with my job as a media practioner, and it became about building a brand, and creating a virtual media business.

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PODCAST: Christianity; Not Stage Performance!

Lately, God has been dealing with me about a basic character flaw that is not quite Christlike. It’s that quirky twisted drive to do everything in public so that other people can see how  “Christian” we are. I do know that we usually don’t start out wanting to be like this; usually it all comes from a genuine desire to do stuff for God and let our light shine. But along the line, human nature takes over and we begin to bask in the applause and recognition our work for God brings us.

God is not pleased with that. Like i said before, I’m Learning. God is pruning me and disciplining me in this area. If you open your heart to correction, he will graciously change you too!

Listen, download and don’t hesitate to share! God bless you!