About The Inhumane Treatment & Abuse Of House-Helps..

This is a picture of a 12 year old child, working as a house help and severely punished abused by her employer. I saw this report and i was heartbroken. I’ve thought about this system of hiring underage girls as house-helps for a while and I’ve often spoke about it on my radio show but i guess it’s time to start to write about it too.

I grew up with housemaids. Like over 70% of middle class Nigerian kids. As a young girl, i didn’t really pay much attention to how they came and went. Some were playmates and sisters i never had and we got along just fine. However, as i became older, and understood what it meant to be the help,  i began to pay more attention to what was going on around me, especially in other families.

Some of these house-helps, were hired through a middle man or woman who had permission from the girl’s family, and negotiates her fees, taking a commission and remitting the balance to her parents.

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I Got Tired Of My Own Blog Posts….

I have decided to stop writing fluffy religious articles. That’s why I haven’t been writing anything for some time. Oh don’t be alarmed, I am still very much interested in sharing my faith. But I have since realized that more often than not, sharing my life experiences and day to day challenges and journey with God encourages others more than pushing scriptures down people’s throats.

Not that it’s wrong to quote scriptures, it’s just that I want to relate with you more. I want you to realize that I go through the same things you do. I stumble, sometimes I fall, I think the wrong thoughts, say the wrong things but I’m still on the way. Still holding on, still trusting God and still having faith in his love.

You know it’s easy to tell others what to do. But when you have to look closely into your own life and talk about your own issues, it’s not a bed of roses. Because there are times i don’t take my own advice.

Christianity is a deeply personal journey. It’s a RELATIONSHIP. and relationships can be painful sometimes. It can be rocky sometimes. But it’s a beautiful place to be. So as i share my journey, my REAL journey, i hope and pray that it leads you to be real with God and yourself. and it encourages you to drop all performances because it’s not worth it.

Welcome to a season of realness. I will share my stories. I hope you share yours here too. So that someone somewhere will be encouraged.

Like Kirk Franklin, I’m losing my religion.

Welcome to real life.

I Don’t Want To Be ‘That’ Christian…

This short post is inspired by an article J.S Park wrote HERE. I read it and it resonated loudly in my spirit and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Perhaps because i recognized what God had been bringing to my attention of late.

You see, it’s easy to pick out what is wrong with today’s church. And it’s easy to be upset and “come out and be separated”. It’s also easy to slip into a life and culture that is unwilling offer grace and look upon the organised church and fellow Christians with contempt.

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Face Your Own Heat

How do you learn faith without an impossible obstacle?

How do you learn forgiveness without being hurt?

How do you learn courage without having been confronted with fear?

How do you learn to love without being despised?

How do you learn patience without being pressured on every side?

How do you learn grace without having sinned?

How do you learn mercy without having been offended?

How do you learn self control without being tempted?

God is not against you. He hasn’t forgotten you. You are being given a chance to grow. A Diamond  is just a piece of carbon, that has faced  intense pressure and heat.

Face your heat. Rise up a diamond!

I’m Not So Focused On Where I’m Going….


Sometimes I feel like I’m not making progress. I feel like I should be banking 6 digits monthly, driving a shiny car, snuggling with a hunk, whose rings are on my fourth finger and making national if not global headlines.

But how many of us are actually where we think we should be? When that feeling of inadequacy and stagnation descends and weighs on you like a wet blanket, christianese cliches like “God’s time is the best” and ” God has great plans for your life” just don’t cut it.

I have found myself here so many times that I had to ask God what exactly is happening to me. Is my faith weak? Sometimes yeah. Do I love God? Absolutely Yes! So why do I constantly feel like I’m not doing or getting enough?

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