31 Years Old & Fabulous! Not Perfect Yet, But I’m On My Way!


I don’t have a long emtional birthday post today. All i have is a thankful heart for being alive and fulfilling purpose. There was a time when i was worried about what i would be doing at a certain point in my life. Will I be rich? will i be successful? will i be happy? will i be relevant?

And then God showed me the problem with thinking that way is that it was all about me. I was too focused on me. He showed me the source of true happiness and fulfillment; caring for others and using what i have been blessed with to bless others. I relaized it’s not about me. It’s about the lives i can reach out to.

Suddenly, i had a mission. I had a purpose. My life means more now that I have found my assignment.

For that i am grateful. I am happy, I am blessed beyond measure. I enjoy God’s grace, mercy and favour beyond imagination. God has been good.

At 31 years old today, I am where God needs me to be, doing what he’s asked me to do. I am learning and i am growing. Not perfect yet, but I’m on my way!


Happy Birthday Pastor Chris!!


No matter where a child travels, your father will always be your father. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has taught me so much and i will be forever grateful to God for his tutelage. I gave my heart to Christ, got filled with the holy Spirit, became rooted and grounded under this great Man of God.

1 Corinthians 3:6 “I (Paul) planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow..

The seed being watered and growing right now was planted by Pastor Chris. So, i say thank you sir! Thank you for igniting the pursuit of purpose in me.

As you celebrate your birthday today, may God’s amazing grace, wisdom and anointing that he has bestowed on you continue to propel you to increased greatness and may many more lives be transformed through you in Jesus name!



30 Years And Going Strong… Season 2 Episode 1

I really don’t know what people say when they write birthday speeches. This is not a birthday speech anyway. It’s the expression of what my reality is, at this time in my life’s journey.

20 years ago, I was an eager, impressionable young woman excited to be finally out of the “teen” label. I had hopes, expectations and big dreams for my future.

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