VOICES: A Poem By David (@iamBarzini )

Rain rain go away
The feild is set for play today
Alone i walk in search of clay
Alone i feel inside today
With them she went away they say
Away with them! Oh Lord I pray
Who will save my friend today?
Who will save my girl today?

Where is my child? Where is my girl? Where is my hope? Where is my pearl?
She’s only a child, what does she know?
Why make her reap? What did she sow?
Let it be me, let it be us
Let it be them, let it be just
Let it be fair, let it be soft
Let it be peace, let it be love
What has my child done today?
Who will save my girl today?

The night is black the sun is red
His face is dark his gun is red
With blood he said, the blood he shed
To spoil the child, his rod he spared
I cower with fear, the hour is near
My power is fear, my hour is here
Can not somebody hear me today?
Who will save myself today