Dear God, Thank You For 2016

Thank you for loving me all through the year
Thank you for peeling back the final layers of insecurity and dependence on human approval
Thank you for meeting my needs such that i never lacked anything
Thank you for teaching me contentment
Thank you for teaching me grace this year
Thank you for showing me what true love really means
Thank you for keeping me healthy all through the year
Thank you for having my back even in times when i did’nt realize it
Thank you for emotional growth
Thank you for wisdom
Thank you for increased capacity for greatness
Thank you for all the ideas you gave me
Thank you for all the projects you helped me accomplish
Thank you for all the people you connected me with
Thank you for the friendships that ended
Thank you for the happy days. They made me appreciate how awesome you are
Thank you for the sad days. They taught me patience and brought me closer to you
Thank you for all the times i’ve been distant from you and you loved me back to you
Thank you for seeing beyond what i can see in myself
Thank you for giving me the desire to love you
Thank you for teaching me how to communicate with and listen to you
Thank you for being my dad, my friend, my Lord and my Lover

This is just a fraction of what i have to thank you for. I don’t have enough words. You know my heart more than i do.

Thank you for EVERYTHING

Welcome To NOVEMBER!

One reason i’m excited to see November? The year 2016 is coming to an end. For that, i heave a huge sigh of relief and gratitude. Not that 2016 has been a bad year, actually it’s been pretty good. However it’s been quite eventful. My emotions have taken a hit this year, my heart has been broken and healed, i have fallen and risen, i have cried and laughed and i have learned and grown.

One major lesson this year for me, is learning to stay true to myself and finally shedding that debilitating cloak of insecurity. I was set free in 2016 and trust me when i say that’s a huge Miracle!

I finally figured out my own special way of communicating with God this year. (imagine!) and it’s been absolutely beautiful 🙂

I find myself looking forward to the final month of the year because i know something awesome is about to happen!