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For The ‘Openly Christian’ On Social Media

At every point we need to check WHY we really do the things we do. And i’m not talking about the bad stuff.
I’m talking about the great stuff. The inspiring stuff, the the kind stuff, the stuff that blesses people.
They look good. They get us applause. They get us noticed. The feedback is awesome. We may have even gotten awards.
Its time to check if we have become so enamored of those amazing feedback that we do all we do just because we expect the feedback?
Do we now love the fact that people tell us what a blessing we are that we now do more just so we can feel good when we hear that we are being a blessing?
Have we become like the Pharisee who would rather pray and do acts of charity in a pubic place to be seen? Do we prefer to do all our good work where it will be seen and even when its not, do we crave for it to be seen?
Lets check our hearts. How do we really feel when we share that inspirational quote, photo, video or sermon and it doesn’t get the number of ‘likes ‘, views or nice comments that we think it should have gotten?
How many times do we refresh old posts to see how many likes and views it has gathered?
We are human. Our flesh will always war with our spirits. But we have already been made victorious.  It’s not about us anymore. It’s about he who died for us so that we can live FOR HIM.  We just need to BE AWARE. And to always check with the spirit in us who will always tell us when we are getting carried away.

#Travelogue – The Land Of A Thousand Hills

RWANDA.  she is like a shy well groomed beautiful girl that slowly opens up her face and reveals her charms to the visitor patient enough to discover her charms.

What draws your attention as a first time visitor (especially if you are coming from a boisterous and rambunctious city like Lagos is the serene and almost sleepy nature of Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali.

Located in the center of the country, Kigali is picturesque with numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and its incredible greenery.

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Be Like God!

To “imitate” is to copy. In other words,  to make a fairly exact imitation of an original.

To imitate God is to copy him.  What is God like?

God is love; so we love

God is faithful; so we are faithful

God is merciful; so we are merciful

God loves justice; so we love justice

Study the Bible to know about God and imitate him. We have the power and innate ability to be like him because through Christ, we have been made his children.

It’s daddy’s  delight to see his kids imitate him.

Long Time No See!

It’s been a while i wrote anything and i must say i missed doing that. But sometimes it is essential to take a break to refresh and recharge. God has been faithful and i must say i have every reason to be thankful.

For those wondering what has been happening with me, i am currently in Kigali to attend the Ubumuntu Arts Festival ( that i have been dumping all over your social media feed for months).

Anyway, the festival is finally here and all sorts of fun things are happening. I’m going to be here for some time but i will definitely be right here with you and be available on all my social media platforms.

Check out my next post to find out what Ubumuntu Arts Festival is all about.

P.S – I have been seeing all the reports about the flooding in Lagos.  My heart and my prayers are with everyone who lost property or are in one way or another victims of this terrible disaster.

May God keep you and give you the grace you need to go through this and come replenish all that you have lost.

He Gives Us So We Can Give It…

Whatever he gives us, we do not keep for ourselves.

Just as he has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others, he has comforted us so we can comfort others in trouble.

He has shown us love so we can love others.

He has been merciful with us so we can show others mercy.

He has been gracious to us so we can give grace to others.

He wants us to treat others how he treats us.

Whatever he gives you, pay it forward.

My Very First Fathers Day!

I never liked fathers day. Not because I didn’t like fathers, but because every celebration of fathers day reminded me of the void in me that I’ve always tried to fill. It reminded me of the relationship i wish I had.

Today is different though. For the very first time I really am celebrating fathers day. I’m celebrating my father without any wishful thinking or void in my heart because I have finally accepted the truth that I have always had a dad.

I’ve been going through life listening to the devil’s lies that I have no father looking out for me. I lived all 32 years of my life feeling incomplete and unwanted because my biological dad wasn’t there.

But I know better now. I have been set free from the oppression of that lie by the truth of Gods word. I have always had a father. He formed me and gave me a name and a future. He wrote down everyday of my life in his book. He loves me unconditionally and is always looking out for my good.

A dad who has never left my side for once even when I didn’t realize he was there.  He’s not mad at me and is always in a good mood about me. He sees my imperfections yet, he’s proud of me!

Today is fathers day and for the first time, I have no pain about today. Instead I am full of gratitude to my dad for his amazing grace and patience with me. Bringing me up to this point has been quite a journey I tell you.

Happy fathers day dad, thank you for being not just God, but a great great father.

Not Meant To Be Hidden. Be Seen!

“You are the light that shines for the world to see. You are like a city built on a hill that cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14 ERV

Look at what he called you. : A light.
In other words, when you show up, darkness disappears.
Light brings illumination, from light, we get the word enlightenment, light represents revelation because light reveals hidden things. With light comes clarity and, knowledge.

Child of God, you are LIGHT! confusion has no place in your life. Ignorance has no place in your life.

Look again, he said you’re like a city on a hill. You CANNOT be hidden.
Child of God, it is not in your destiny to be obscure. Your gifts, talents, personality, and entire awesoneness are meant to shine.

Break free from every mindset and toxic thought telling you that you belong in a corner. That other people shine except you. NO! RISE UP and let the devil know that you know who you are right now.


Let your daily confession be:

I am the light of the world . I bring solutions to hard situations. I am a problem solver. I am attractive. I am not hidden. I am seen. I shine brightly with the glory of God.

Close The Door And Move On…

Everyone has a past. Some more sordid than others. No matter how morally squeaky clean you are, you are not without sin.
But what happens when the guilt of our sins overwhelm us so much that it’s a constant deterrent against our happiness and ability to live free? What happens when we are constantly being reminded of what we did and how we lived by people around us and even our own minds?

What do we do when we can’t enjoy anything because we are constantly trying to make up and apologize for who we used to be? What happens when we feel we have no right to good things now because of the not so good things we did before?

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NEW PHOTOS: About Living Life Deliberately…

No it’s not my birthday yet and Lord knows i don’t particularly feel like it is right now but what i do know is  that, it’s a great season of my life right now.

God has been right here with me, walking me through the roller coaster of growing, making mistakes, learning how to love and how to be the truly favored woman he named me.  I have been far from perfect. I have hurt people and i have been hurt by people, but through it all, i am learning to live my life deliberately.

So that’s what this shoot is really about. Living life with intention.

Clothes Designed and Styled by  CheChe Smith for CSN NATION

Make-Up by Makeup Explorer

Photography by SunnyDays Media

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Please Help Becky Escape From Her Rapist!

“If you tell anyone about this, I will stop paying your school fees.”

My name is Becky, I’m 20 years old and I live in this real world.

I was born in Shira, Bauchi State. I currently live just north of Lagos, in Ogun State. I stay with my uncle because he can afford my fees, my father cannot. I do not remember what it feels like to be loved and protected – my mother is dead.

In this choice between getting an education and avoiding daily rape, at first I chose school. This started when I was 18, now, it is no longer a choice. It has been 2 years of constant rape and abuse. If I stay here I will die. And if I leave, I will die as well, only, a different death.

“If you tell anyone about this, I will stop paying your school fees”, he says. Continue reading “Please Help Becky Escape From Her Rapist!”

Trust Me, I’m NOT Your Role Model

There was a time being called a ‘role model’ was a compliment. For a lot of people, I guess it still is. It is usually translated to mean you’re doing something exemplary, something worth emulating or you are someone exemplary, someone worth emulating. which can be a pretty good confidence booster. all of those fan emails, social media followers and adoring looks and requests for mentoring can’t be all bad right? well… it can be.

Because over the years, the more my life became a little more public, courtesy of my job and activities on social media, the more i got tagged with the ‘role model’ label and I must confess, the less I liked it.

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She Was NOT A Prostitute…

Mary is called “The Magdalene” because she was from Magdala, a thriving fishing town on the coast of Galilee. While there were other towns with similar names, Magdala is within walking distance of Capernaum, where Jesus was based at the start of his ministry. Recent archaeological findings in the current day Israeli town of Migdal, including a 1st century synagogue, support this explanation.

There are half-dozen Marys mentioned in the Bible. but the most distinguishing characteristic about this particular Mary is that Jesus cast seven demons out of her (Luke 8:2-3).

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About Independence From Nigerian Parenting…

I have always wanted to talk about the age of independence of the Nigerian child. At what point do parents realize that they have raised an adult who is able to make his her own decisions and choices in life?

Most people believe that when a child moves out of the home, starts earning, and probably sending his/her parents some kind of allowance, then he or she is truly independent. But within the Nigerian context, this is hardly so. Young people are barely ever seen as independent by parents even when they start earning or living on their own.

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We Need Kisses & We Need Hugs….

Relationships are important. God intends for us to have them; with him as well as with each other; that’s why he made us relational beings.  We all crave relationship in one form or the other. family relationships, friendships, companionships, and at the core of our being is the ultimate craving for a relationship with God. It might take a while for some people to get there, but eventually, they will realize that empty space can only be filled with relationship with God.

Our relationship with other people is driven by 3 core drivers; and these drivers determine if we maintain a healthy relationship or if we mess it up. They are: ATTENTION, AFFECTION & AFFIRMATION.

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