Who The Shoe Fits….

Bunmi walked into the boutique because she was attracted to this entirely gorgeous patent leather stiletto red bottoms she saw from the shop window. It was sitting there like a queen, regal and throbbing with an aura that seemed to say “come and wear me… I’m all yours”. This was not just another pair of heels, these was THE QUEEN OF HEELS!

Bunmi did not care if the heavens were falling at that moment. she just knew she must have those shoes.

So she walked into the shop and asked to try it on. She sat down and impatiently tapped her toes while the attendant brought the shoes. Bunmi closed her eyes and held her breath as she dusted off her feet and lowered her left foot into the shoe. It fit …. somehow…

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Not Meant To Be Hidden. Be Seen!

“You are the light that shines for the world to see. You are like a city built on a hill that cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14 ERV

Look at what he called you. : A light.
In other words, when you show up, darkness disappears.
Light brings illumination, from light, we get the word enlightenment, light represents revelation because light reveals hidden things. With light comes clarity and, knowledge.

Child of God, you are LIGHT! confusion has no place in your life. Ignorance has no place in your life.

Look again, he said you’re like a city on a hill. You CANNOT be hidden.
Child of God, it is not in your destiny to be obscure. Your gifts, talents, personality, and entire awesoneness are meant to shine.

Break free from every mindset and toxic thought telling you that you belong in a corner. That other people shine except you. NO! RISE UP and let the devil know that you know who you are right now.


Let your daily confession be:

I am the light of the world . I bring solutions to hard situations. I am a problem solver. I am attractive. I am not hidden. I am seen. I shine brightly with the glory of God.

Thy Will Be Done…

Mark 8:34 (ERV)

This season God is reaching out to his children all over the world across all platforms. Don’t miss the move of God by holding on to your desires and wants and ambitions. Your true fulfillment comes from walking the path God has marked out for you.

Let go and let God!

Thy will be done oh lord…! Thy will only be done.

Find Your Community & CONNECT!

Behavioural scientists say humans are by nature social creatures. We connect with other humans emotionally and we seek out physical connections that appeal to us emotionally.

As it is true in behavioural science, so is it true in our lives as spiritual  beings too. In actual fact, i believe this desire for connection originates from our spirit because Man is spirit first.

We cannot do life alone. we are not wired that way. In our walk with God, we will sometimes need a hand to hold as we walk through some difficult learning moments, we will need the support  of a community, and the companionship and fellowship of friends and brethren to share joys with.

Community keeps us from becoming a self-absorbed island. community can keep us accountable. community keeps us balanced.

God always establishes us in a community so that we can receive his love through the channels of people he surrounds us with.  It could be your church family, circle of friends, prayer group or mentors; take a careful look around you; you’ll find them.

Now, i’m not saying things will be rosy dovy all the time with some people in your community; because we are human, friction will happen but you will learn through grace and forgiveness and you will grow.

You are not created to go through life all on your own. God has given you a support system. look carefully around you; chances are you already know who they are. CONNECT!

I Didn’t Know What Love Looked Like…

I didn’t know what a good man is supposed to look like or treat me because I didn’t have a dad to show me who a good man is.

I grew up hearing stories about how my dad got my mum pregnant and left. So my earliest impressions of men were that they were not to be trusted. They’ll always leave. The more I heard tales about my rejection, heard tales of how my mother struggled to raise me alone as a single broke mom, heard how my grandmother had to take me from her to save us from starving, the more inferior and unloved I felt.

I believed something was wrong with me and I have to work at making people love me. I believed I had to be the kind of person I imagined they would love. The more men I met, the more identities and personas I adopted. In the process, I lost me.

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Mistakes And Miracles…..

Mistakes they say, is all part of being human. As long as we remain alive on this earth, we will do some things in error, say some things in error, make erroneous judgement and decisions sometimes and it’s all part of the imperfect human experience.

There are times your mistakes threaten to overwhelm you. You feel you’ve done that one thing and there’s no coming back. you’ve blown it this time and there’s no fixing it.

You’re wrong.  Humans make mistakes, God does not.

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Re-Fixing Your Focus..

The feeling of loss is not a good feeling; loss of a job, a loved one or a prized possession. Sometimes we mourn that which we have lost with so much energy and passion; especially after we seemed to have done all that is in our power to do to prevent it from happening.

From intense pain to grief to numbness, and sometimes even resentment, we feel it all. But we don’t heal as long as we continue to focus on what has been lost.

There is a time and season for everything. Recognise when it’s time to move to a new season; A season of healing and rest. This can only happen when you re-fix your focus. Know when it’s time to turn to what God is doing in you at the moment, what he is working out inside you, what lessons you are learning and what blessings are currently in your life.

If you keep looking back at the people you lost, you will not appreciate the people you have. If you keep looking back at the things you no longer have, you will not be grateful for what you have right now.

Gratitude helps you heal. Gratitude opens your inner eyes to possibilities and opens your heart to receiving God’s grace.

Fix your focus on what God is currently working out in you right now. You don’t have to understand what is happening. You can trust that God is always working out everything for good. (Romans 8:28)


Self-Love Is Not Skin Deep…

There’s a lot that is being said about self-love these days it’s almost becoming ‘trendy’ or ‘woke’ to talk about self-love. but what really is self-love?

It sounds like it’s self-explanatory enough when you look at it at face value. We read articles telling us all about loving ourselves, loving our bodies, pampering ourselves, taking trips alone, shopping, going to the spa, and generally giving ourselves a treat.

These are all nice things to do but that’s not all self-love is all about. Self-Love is deeper than that. self-love is about knowing yourself well enough to accept who you really are with no ambiguities and masking and falling in love with who you really are.

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How are you doing today?

I feel so strongly that i should encourage you this morning, that whatever you might be going through this moment, this season, DO NOT FEAR. YOU WILL COME OUT FINE!

In whatever situation you find yourself, DO NOT LOSE YOURSELF. Always be conscious of who you are and whose you are.

You are the beloved of God

You are the apple of God’s eyes

You  matter to God

You are Important

You are beautiful

You are Lovable

You have been blessed and gifted

You deserve love and every good thing

God does not make mistakes. You are NOT a mistake. Your life is not a mistake; God knows what he is doing and he is working to make everything work together for your good.

This morning, please trust God to come through for you. I have seen and experienced him come through for me in the most amazing ways and If he did it before, he can and he will do it again. He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Smile, Laugh, Dance and be encouraged!

I Love you

Why Them? Why Not ME?

Social Media is the place to stumble on good news. Good news that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you. Or worse, good news that make you sometimes feel like nothing good is happening to you.

Engagement announcements, new baby bump show-offs, graduation ceremonies, exotic holidays, career upgrades or just plain “look-at-me-i’m-so-happy” posts can make you want to ask

“What are these people doing that i’m not doing?”

“Why do they have everything i want?”

“Why do they have it so easy?”

“Why them and not me”?

All these questions and others along the same lines, will eventually lead you to despondency and resentment. Trust me when i tell you this because I’ve been there. It will lead you to bitterness and jealousy too because a person who is not happy with himself/herself cannot be happy for other people.

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Gifted & Thinking Of Leaving The Church…

God has blessed the church with an abundance of gifts and talents and it’s so beautiful to see these gifts flourish and bless lives as they are harnessed, developed and expressed.

” He handed out gifts above and below, filled heaven with his gifts, filled earth with his gifts. He handed out gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, and pastor-teacher to train Christ’s followers in skilled servant work, working within Christ’s body, the church, until we’re all moving rhythmically and easily with each other, efficient and graceful in response to God’s Son, fully mature adults, fully developed within and without, fully alive like Christ.”

Eph 4:11-13 (MSG)

God made it a point to bless his children with all manner of gifts and there are various expressions of these gifts;  some are expressed through the arts, some are expressed through sciences, some are expressed directly in church  ministry and some are even expressed in political governance. Bottom line, is all these gifts come from God and we should be thankful for them and not stifle them.

Someone i recently met, said she would be leaving her present church because her and her husband believed that their unique gifts were being stifled and denied of expression. I was sad but i understood where she was coming from. I have also been in a place where i saw so many young talented people leave because they were denied expression.

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I WILL Be Grateful!

God is teaching me to stop being selfish and I’m proving too stubborn to learn. But in time, my restless and loss of peace has pushed me to pay attention to the lessons.
I spend way too much time thinking about what I want and what I don’t have and where I need to be. It drains my energy and it steals my joy. I become anxious and I stop being grateful.
Paying so much attention to what you don’t have blinds you from seeing and appreciating what you already have. Focusing on the people that have left you will stop you from properly loving and paying attention to the people who stayed.
FOLA, when was the last time you were really grateful for all God has done? You are saved, blessed with spiritual gifts, empowered to be a blessing, you’re healthy, favored with a job and a roof over your head and more… 
Yet you pay more attention to what you think you don’t have. Have you considered that you don’t have it because you lack gratitude for what you do have? ” says Father God
So I retrace my steps. My season of gratitude starts today. No more despondency. No more silent cravings. No more anxiety for what may or may not happen. I will look outside myself and make my gifts and blessings available for others.
I am God’s blessed child. I will show gratitude by being a blessing.

Bullying From The Pulpit…

There was a long period in my life where the nickname “church girl” would suit me perfectly. Raised in church, became an almost fanatical Pentecostal young adult, and then by God’s mercy, translated to a well-balanced Christian woman.

On that journey, I had several opportunities of working behind the scenes as a choir leader, group leader, church worker, pastoral assistant staff and I believe those experiences were instrumental to my breaking free of the bounds that I almost didn’t realize held me.

Bullies exist in every walk of life. They’re in our homes, in schools and they’re in the workplace and they’re in church too! The thing is, the bullies in church are very good at cloaking this horrible act in spiritual hocus pocus.  It’s painful to watch so many Christians slowly get sucked into the vortex of charismatic pastors and leaders who are skilled at making followers who are so eager to please them, do what they want.

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Embracing The Journey Of Growing Older…

The Older i get, the more i realize i no longer want a lot of things i thought i wanted. I’ll call myself a late bloomer; It took me a while to really find myself and be friends with myself.

The older i get, the more i become comfortable with the woman i am and the more i embrace and anticipate the woman i’m becoming.

The older i get, the more self-aware i become. I am confident to say what i want, i make choices with certainty, i love without fear, and i work towards my purpose with clarity.

I’ll turn thirty-three in July and i am looking forward to my mid-thirties. I must say life in the 30’s is pretty good. It has it’s struggles of course, but the learning on the journey has been amazing.

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Let The Shepherd Lead…

The Lord is my shepherd.
I will always have everything I need.[a]
He gives me green pastures to lie in.
He leads me by calm pools of water.
He restores my strength.
He leads me on right paths[b] to show that he is good.

Psalm 23:1-3 (ERV)

“The Lord is my shepherd. I will always have everything I need”.

 It’s a confident statement of assurance. The shepherd as a metaphor for God here is quite descriptive of how God pays particular attention to our individual needs. He loves and cares and protects and ensures that we are properly nourished. He is called the good shepherd. In this world of constant chaos, it’s a good thing to remember that God loves and cares about you and your needs.

“Green pastures to lie in and calm pools of water” in verse 2, is about nourishment and rest. So many times, we are fighting life’s battles and taking on challenges and wearing ourselves out that after a while, we are spent emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically.  God sees that and makes us chill out. He stops us in our tracks, separates us from the familiar scene of chaos so we can rest and rejuvenate.

We might not even realize what he’s doing sometimes, and we might struggle against it but if we listen to the holy spirit we will realize he just wants us to chill out and be refreshed.  And verse 3 cannot happen without verse 2.

Without rest and nourishment, strength cannot be restored. When your spirit and soul is rested and nourished, you can hear God better and be led on the right path.

The Lesson here is to be willing to submit to the Good shepherd. He knows what he’s doing and he has only good plans for our lives because he truly loves us.