Fighting The Distortions – By Chude Jideonwo‏ (@Chude )

There are many bible characters I don’t much like. If I had lived in their time, I wouldn’t sit down and have a drink with them. I would respect them, possibly even admire them. But I wouldn’t be friends with them.

Like Isaiah, or Jeremiah; too angry, too bi-polar.

Still conflicted about the Apostle Paul.

The book of Romans is a seminal work on human frailty, but much of the rest is lacking in empathy. But Jesus. My God, Jesus!  It’s why it’s so important to me to fight back the distortions of his nature by fundamentalists. And it’s all there, in the Bible. In the words the gospels report. His nature, it’s all there; yet, often distorted.

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GUEST POST: Spirituality & Mental Reasoning – By Onyedika Nwoji

Often times you hear that you don’t apply mental reasoning in spiritual matters. You just accept them the way they are and don’t try to overanalyze it. This is true, and I believe this…to an extent.
In as much as I believe human reasoning can’t fully comprehend spiritual matters, I also believe that God didn’t give us our minds without a purpose. You really can’t separate the mind from spiritual matters. But often, people discard reasoning entirely to embrace a spiritual knowledge with little or no understanding of it.

Our minds have been given to us for evaluation. Our minds naturally analyze things, including spiritual matters…Yes, I said it. If it’s not so, then why does God see the need for us to renew our minds?

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GUEST POST: ‘Clever Distractions’ – By Onyedika Nwoji

Clever distractions are simply what they are…clever distractions! They are clever because they are subtle, sly, cunning, smart, etc. The funny thing about clever distractions are they don’t even look like distractions. In fact, most of them appear really good morally, and even spiritually. Yes! That’s the danger.

One major clever distraction among believers is being BUSY! Busy doing God’s work, ministry, missions, church work & meetings, etc. A few weeks ago, I was listening to a rap song by Andy Mineo titled “Death of Me”, and every time I listen to it, these words from the song always hit me deep:

“Jesus retreated to speak with His Father, I know that I need it.

My career been growing, but tell me where I’m going if my time with God is depleted? (Nowhere)

God I’m sorry, I mean it. All I wanna do is walk with you…

But my priority is wrong, I talk about you more than I talk with you!”

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Emotional Abuse; Spot The Signs & Run!

So many women (and men) are in emotionally abusive relationships and they don’t even realize it. So many don’t know because they don’t realize the implications of what is being done to them.

Emotional abuse leaves deeper scars than physical abuse. because your mind is attacked. In almost all cases of physical abuse, emotional abuse usually starts long before the physical assaults.

In case you have not been paying attention, here are some signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. I’m addressing women here but it also applies to men too. So, read with understanding..

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GUEST POST: Take That Risk! – By @MrOlumatiI


Life is full of risks. We are either taking these risks or playing safe. Either way, we are left blinded to the possible outcomes of our risk or our safe play.

I see this photo and I am drawn to all its variability. I am captivated by its beauty and artistry. The artistry that allow the woman make that pose with the semblance of a peahen conscious of its beauty and flaunting it under the watchful eyes of an admiring peacock.

I am also careful to note the condition of the lady in the photo. She is pregnant and standing on a small ladder. That is indeed risky.

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Every dispensation and time has a culture. Too many times generally as believers in the music business we are found depending on God when God is depending on us.
God is depending on us because within us he has put the wisdom to know how to fix our challenges unless of cause we get the point where we are genuinely over whelmed.

Genesis 14:14
“When Abram heard that his relative had been taken captive, he called out the 318 trained men born in his household and went in pursuit as far as Dan.”

The human mind already possess incredible power to find solutions to her challenges, this is why tons of metals put together to make an airplane will defy gravity. Video cameras and photo cameras can capture moments and immortalize them.


GUEST POST: Black, White & Grey Areas – by @Dikky_CIA

If you’ve studied the scriptures long enough, you should  have discovered that there are some stuff that are clear cut black and white; meaning some things are well defined as either good or evil. But then, there are some other stuff that aren’t well defined as either good or evil. These are the grey areas.

These grey areas are usually topics for debates among christian circles, and there are some which most Christians don’t even wanna delve into or meddle with. But then, these grey area issues SHOULD be addressed for the very reason of avoiding negative extremes.

First, let’s settle a fact; anything that is clear cut black and white in scripture is not debatable, regardless of how you feel about it. With that said, the next question is how do we handle these scriptural grey areas?

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GUEST POST: Every Man Has A Sound – By @MrOlumatiI


I looked at this picture and I was drawn to its intimacy. This photo which is credited to “Adforumco” caused some mild drama on the company’s thread when it was published. Majority of the people on that thread tried to talk down on the size of the bride and some other unprintable things were said. Isn’t it interesting how people will talk down what wouldn’t suit them rather than moving on and allowing others connect to what suits them?

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GUEST POST: The Church, Her Music, My Thoughts – By @MrOlumatiI

Personally I listen to all things music. I understand that we are in a competition, I cannot afford to be content with all I know. I must know what the other person knows to give a good fight or superior argument.

You know, you can only win a war when you understand the strategy of the opposition and spot their weakness. Music notes, sounds and its variations are many and universal, but the Nigerian Church music has been limited to only a few progressions, chords and variations.

The sound is monotonous and the content predictable. The resistance to change in sound and content is high.

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GUEST POST: Confidence Was Nowhere To Be Found – By @Mr_Nkay

As written by Emmanuel Nkamare (Nkay)


Looking at my 17 year old self, saved and seriously involved in the church but barely with any personal direction for life or confidence. I realize now there was a problem with that, I was convinced that I had a duty to serve God but I couldn’t place a bet on his interest in my personal life, my dreams, the use of the gifts He had given me or my Joy as a person.

But fast forward 3 years later,  who would have thought that the songs He had put in my heart in the weirdest places like a bus or in the toilet would become praise anthems around the world among young people who looked up to me, or worthy of recognition by musicians I looked up to. That I’d be spotted out by an Artiste I looked up to and my life would change completely or that I would acquire a law degree and a masters a year after from one of the most recognized law institutions in the world.

If all these had been prophesied to me by a man of God I probably would have said amen but without any faith.

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Prayer Does Change Things…

Prayer changes things. It does. It changes the mind of God. There is plenty of biblical evidence for that. Our prayers engage God’s intentions. He is responsive to our requests while still being God. He listens attentively to each of us and considers in an almighty way what he will do to alter difficult circumstances or bolster us so that we can get through them.

Prayer also changes our mind-set. We think about God when we pray to him. We think better about others when we are praying for them. We shrink overwhelming circumstances when we get our minds around them so we can express ourselves to God.

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GUEST POST: Misconception Of Success…

Whenever I ask young people like myself questions about the vision they have for their life, ambitions, dreams, etc., oftentimes, the response I get is something like; “My dream is to be very successful, wealthy, blah blah…” Crap! When I hear such, all my mind interprets is “my dream is to be very vain, confused and miserable.

First of all, most young people don’t even understand what success is, they measure it with monetary value. That’s why they lack vision. All they want is to make money,  to “blow”,  to “hammer”, and that’s why most of them end up miserable because they don’t even have a vision to guide them through life. Making money is not a bad thing. Infact, you should be wealthy, but wealth doesn’t define (or measure) success.

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A Truly Heart Breaking Mother’s Day Story…

When I was 5 years of age, I watched my mother get beat down by my father. It happened on multiple occasions, and one time I remember him beating her unconscious. I guess the beating was so bad that when she woke up, and stood back on her feet, she stumbled again and fell to the floor once again losing consciousness.

Before she fell to the floor, she told my aunts who were there, “Get my son out of here.” as her voice trembled, her eyes shed tears, and finally she hit the floor. I got scared, and instead of my aunts running to take me out of the room, as my mom had demanded, they ran to her aid. My father wasn’t there to grab me either because he had left as soon as he beat her unconscious.

A year later, my father brought her and I across the border, crossing from Mexico to the United States.

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Dear Men; Women Are Not Inferior To Us – FLOROCKA


Dear Men,

Society, tradition and culture has schooled us that women were made by God to do our bidding; that they are lesser than us and must be subdued, tamed and kept on a leash.

These entities have refused to acknowledge the role God has destined for the woman in creation. They have told us nothing but lies! Even if a woman behaves unseemly, stubborn and refuses to adapt or conform to what we call ‘accepted behavioral patterns’, it doesn’t give us the impetus to ‘trample’ on them.

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There’s No Such Thing As a Soul Mate!

The philosophy of a “soul mate” has done far more harm than good in our society. First and foremost, it’s a concept that is rooted in ancient mythology. Story has it that the gods split human beings as a form of punishment for their pride.

Since then, human beings have been on the search to find their “soul mate” in an attempt to reach completion once again. Ancient mythology declares that there is this unspoken knowledge—some sort of feeling a person experiences when they come face to face with their soul mate. It’s the idea that we’re half-full people waiting around for someone else to complete us.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

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