#IdentifightIBADAN Praise Report!

#IdentifightIBADAN is the testimony of God’s word coming to pass. God gave me an assignment; to go tell his daughters how loved and valuable they are,to bring words of healing and encouragement and to tell his daughters that its time to come home. God wants his daughters back.

It started with my own life. my own brokenness; the lessons I’ve learned and i am still learning. looking at myself, i am unqualified but uniquely positioned.

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My Top 3 Preachers For This Season..

I have been somewhat of a sermon junkie for a while. It’s been an amazing season of the word for me for a while and God has been using some women and men of God to bless and teach me via YouTube.  I believe God brought my attention to these people because they had words i needed to hear.

I was drawn to them at a time when i needed preachers i could relate to, not just on the pulpit, but people whose personal stories were like mine.  I needed to hear from people who are not afraid to be vulnerable and who could admit that they have been broken.

The stories of how God reached out and used them in their imperfection helped me so much. It was the much needed encouragement i needed to pursue God’s calling on my life with renewed vigor.

I have learned and am learning and growing so much and i believe  i should share my top 3 with you.

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October Holiday Getaway With Ìrìnàjò @Irinajo_NG!

What are your plans for the next public holiday, the independence holiday? Make plans to join  a group tour to a luxurious resort located on the Island of Ikaare;  Kamp Ikaare.

With a view of the Atlantic Ocean and Lagos Lagoon in front and behind respectively, the weekend would give you lots of time to have fun and relax either alone or with family.

Adequate preparations have been made for beach soccer, volleyball, swimming and a lot of indoor and outdoor games.  The trip is incredibly affordable at N39,000 for a single person and N75,000 for a couple.

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EVENT: Elevate Your Game! With @DamolaJohnson

Elevate Your Game is program that seeks to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.  This program  is targeted towards enabling individuals and organizations, to  access tools, information, and resources that will enable them function effectively in today’s society.

In a world where capacity trumps titles, and skills are valued more than paper qualifications,  it is important that we take out time to invest in ourselves in order to increase the quality of our output.

This is much more than a training program, it actually is everything that a workshop is not. Through authentic conversations and stories, you will learn how to take advantage of available opportunities to develop your talents and passions and achieve your goals.


Sat, October 7, 2017

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


American Corner at CcHUB, Ground Floor

294, Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos

Click —> HERE to Register Free!

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Protect Your Head…

You won’t achieve all that you’ve been made to achieve if your head is continually assaulted by thoughts of inadequacy.

God has great plans for everyone of his children and he desires that we know this, no matter what the physical,financial and emotional circumstances around us are.

He wants us to know how deeply loved and valued we are because that knowledge produces in us, the ability to scale obstacles to be who we are meant to be. (Ephesians 3:16-19 ERV)

Day and night, we are constantly assaulted by thoughts that lead to emotions that war against this knowledge. Voices in our head telling us God only loves us when we do what pleases him, voices in our heads reminding us of past failings and mistakes,voices in our head telling us how unqualified we are..

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Plant Your Seeds. Don’t Spill Them

The time and energy God gives you are the seeds you need to sow into the field of your gifts and talents to produce purpose.

What you spend time and energy on should produce God’s planned results in your life.

Don’t spill your seed on the ground like Onan did. (Genesis 38:3-10) plant your seed where it is meant to be planted so God’s purpose can be birthed in you.

Don’t waste time and energy on pursuits that are not aligned with God’s purpose for your life.
It’s okay to ask Father God to show you what ( and who) you need to cut out of your life so you can better invest your time and energy.

If you are investing time and energy in a career or business,or relationship, ask God if they aligned with his purpose for you.

Your time and energy are limited resources. Don’t waste them.

The Freedom To Show Up Just The Way You Are…

Over the years, we have beat people over the head with the pressure to change, to repent, to clean up their act and come to God.  A lot of them have been left traumatized and wounded by this pressure to change and clean up before coming because the more they try and fail, the more unworthy they feel.  But is that really the gospel?

Check this out: Romans 1:17 (ERV)

“The Good News shows how God makes people right with himself. God’s way of making people right begins and ends with faith. As the Scriptures say, “The one who is right with God by faith will live forever.”

This completely blows that the repentance theology apart!  God’s way of making people right begins and ends with faith!  That’s revolutionary!

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Benue Flood Support: Here’s How To Help…

The downpour of August 27, 2017 flooded 24 communities in the Makurdi metropolis of Benue State Nigeria, affecting 81,921 persons from 2,769 households, while submerging and/or impacting 1,574 houses.

While, the water level is most areas have receded, there is need to support the victims through donation of food items, distribution of relief materials, and medical intervention.


#IdentifightIBADAN: Meet The Speakers – Gwendolyn Oshoniyi

They call her Boss Lady Gwen!  Gwendolyn Oshoniyi is General Manager at R2 92.9 FM IBADAN.

Behind the dazzling smile is a woman who has climbed up the ladder of success with determination, a strong will to succeed and a heart open to God.

She loves people and she’s always willing to reach out a hand of hope to anyone who needs it.

Her story and her life inspires me and I know it will bless you too.

Connect with  Lady Gwen at #IdentifightIBADAN on Saturday 23rd September at THE EMPOWERMENT CENTER 112 RING ROAD IBADAN.
it’s free!


About Tasha Cobbs, Nikki Minaj & A Taxi Driver…

Last night I was hanging out with friends on the mainland and we had planned a Friday night turn up when I suddenly felt a strong urge to get up and go home.

I opened my taxi app and hailed a ride. Taxi showed up and called me that he was outside the venue waiting so I said a quick goodbye and went outside. For some weird reason, I got outside and found out he had cancelled my ride so I booked another one. About 10 minutes of arguing on the phone about parking space and I had to cancel again.

By this time I was getting slightly irritated. Well, I hailed another ride again and this one came through. As soon as I got in, the song “I’m getting ready” started playing in my head.

So I asked him if he has an auxiliary cable because I will like to play music from my phone. I had NEVER done that in a taxi before. Even when they ask if I’m okay with whatever they’re playing. Anyway he said yes and I connected my phone and started playing the song.

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