All You Need To Know About Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2017

Theater and performance groups from across the globe have started arriving in Rwanda for the third edition of the Ubumuntu Arts Festival.

Founded in 2015, the festival takes place from July 14-16 at the Amphitheater of the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

The festival is a series of free workshops, stage performances and exhibitions that seek to raise awareness of stories of humanity through art, drama, music and dance. The theme for this year is: Art Meets Technology; Bringing Stories of Home to Life. It is organised by the Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company, a leading local theater troupe.

Ubumuntu is a Kinyarwanda word for ‘humanity’, and the concept seeks to promote unity among all peoples of the world, love and inclusion on the one hand, while rejecting hatred and discrimination on the other.

This year will see theater performances from Rwanda, Nigeria, the US, South Africa, the DR Congo, the UK, Czech Republic, Uganda, Lebanon, Belgium, India, Sweden, Iraq, and Burundi.

The festival will also include a series of free workshops to promote humanity through art, drama, music and dance. Participants will exchange ideas on how to become champions of humanity in their respective communities.

For more information please check out the WEBSITE and follow @ubumuntuartfest on twitter!

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