GUEST POST – Jesus Paid For His Sins Too! By Onyedika Nwoji

Jesus didn’t only make a sacrifice for our sins, but also for His sins too! Shocking? I know! But just follow me closely so you don’t misunderstand me.

A high priest is chosen by God to represent his people, offering their gifts to God and also SACRIFICES FOR THEIR SINS. He is gentle with ignorant and wayward people because he himself is weak. So he offers sacrifices not just for their sins, but his sins also (Hebrews 5:1-4, 7:27).

Now we have an Eternal High Priest, Jesus Christ, who also understands our weaknesses, because He has faced all the temptations and sufferings we have faced in the flesh, yet He didn’t sin, and He learnt obedience by the things He suffered. So God qualified Him to be a PERFECT High Priest to become the source of our Eternal Salvation (Hebrews  4:14-15, 5:8-9).

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Fighting The Distortions – By Chude Jideonwo‏ (@Chude )

There are many bible characters I don’t much like. If I had lived in their time, I wouldn’t sit down and have a drink with them. I would respect them, possibly even admire them. But I wouldn’t be friends with them.

Like Isaiah, or Jeremiah; too angry, too bi-polar.

Still conflicted about the Apostle Paul.

The book of Romans is a seminal work on human frailty, but much of the rest is lacking in empathy. But Jesus. My God, Jesus!  It’s why it’s so important to me to fight back the distortions of his nature by fundamentalists. And it’s all there, in the Bible. In the words the gospels report. His nature, it’s all there; yet, often distorted.

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For The ‘Openly Christian’ On Social Media

At every point we need to check WHY we really do the things we do. And i’m not talking about the bad stuff.
I’m talking about the great stuff. The inspiring stuff, the the kind stuff, the stuff that blesses people.
They look good. They get us applause. They get us noticed. The feedback is awesome. We may have even gotten awards.
Its time to check if we have become so enamored of those amazing feedback that we do all we do just because we expect the feedback?
Do we now love the fact that people tell us what a blessing we are that we now do more just so we can feel good when we hear that we are being a blessing?
Have we become like the Pharisee who would rather pray and do acts of charity in a pubic place to be seen? Do we prefer to do all our good work where it will be seen and even when its not, do we crave for it to be seen?
Lets check our hearts. How do we really feel when we share that inspirational quote, photo, video or sermon and it doesn’t get the number of ‘likes ‘, views or nice comments that we think it should have gotten?
How many times do we refresh old posts to see how many likes and views it has gathered?
We are human. Our flesh will always war with our spirits. But we have already been made victorious.  It’s not about us anymore. It’s about he who died for us so that we can live FOR HIM.  We just need to BE AWARE. And to always check with the spirit in us who will always tell us when we are getting carried away.

#Travelogue – The Land Of A Thousand Hills

RWANDA.  she is like a shy well groomed beautiful girl that slowly opens up her face and reveals her charms to the visitor patient enough to discover her charms.

What draws your attention as a first time visitor (especially if you are coming from a boisterous and rambunctious city like Lagos is the serene and almost sleepy nature of Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali.

Located in the center of the country, Kigali is picturesque with numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and its incredible greenery.

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Be Like God!

To “imitate” is to copy. In other words,  to make a fairly exact imitation of an original.

To imitate God is to copy him.  What is God like?

God is love; so we love

God is faithful; so we are faithful

God is merciful; so we are merciful

God loves justice; so we love justice

Study the Bible to know about God and imitate him. We have the power and innate ability to be like him because through Christ, we have been made his children.

It’s daddy’s  delight to see his kids imitate him.

All You Need To Know About Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2017

Theater and performance groups from across the globe have started arriving in Rwanda for the third edition of the Ubumuntu Arts Festival.

Founded in 2015, the festival takes place from July 14-16 at the Amphitheater of the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

The festival is a series of free workshops, stage performances and exhibitions that seek to raise awareness of stories of humanity through art, drama, music and dance. The theme for this year is: Art Meets Technology; Bringing Stories of Home to Life. It is organised by the Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company, a leading local theater troupe.

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Long Time No See!

It’s been a while i wrote anything and i must say i missed doing that. But sometimes it is essential to take a break to refresh and recharge. God has been faithful and i must say i have every reason to be thankful.

For those wondering what has been happening with me, i am currently in Kigali to attend the Ubumuntu Arts Festival ( that i have been dumping all over your social media feed for months).

Anyway, the festival is finally here and all sorts of fun things are happening. I’m going to be here for some time but i will definitely be right here with you and be available on all my social media platforms.

Check out my next post to find out what Ubumuntu Arts Festival is all about.

P.S – I have been seeing all the reports about the flooding in Lagos.  My heart and my prayers are with everyone who lost property or are in one way or another victims of this terrible disaster.

May God keep you and give you the grace you need to go through this and come replenish all that you have lost.