Who The Shoe Fits….

Bunmi walked into the boutique because she was attracted to this entirely gorgeous patent leather stiletto red bottoms she saw from the shop window. It was sitting there like a queen, regal and throbbing with an aura that seemed to say “come and wear me… I’m all yours”. This was not just another pair of heels, these was THE QUEEN OF HEELS!

Bunmi did not care if the heavens were falling at that moment. she just knew she must have those shoes.

So she walked into the shop and asked to try it on. She sat down and impatiently tapped her toes while the attendant brought the shoes. Bunmi closed her eyes and held her breath as she dusted off her feet and lowered her left foot into the shoe. It fit …. somehow…

She put her right foot in and it somehow fits too; howbeit, a little too snugly. She stood up and took a few steps up and down the store, trying to adjust to the rather tight fit of the gorgeous shoes. The more she walked, the more Bunmi realized that these gorgeous heels are going to be quite difficult to comfortably wear. It was too tight. It did not fit.

With great disappointment, Bunmi took the shoes off and handed them back to the store attendant, who put them back on the shelf as Bunmi walked out.

Throughout the day, a number of would be customers came to try on this gorgeous pair of heels and none of them quite fit. It was either too tight, too high for comfort, too big, too expensive or just plain uncomfortable.

Will this beautiful QUEEN OF HEELS ever get someone it fits? of course! While it waits for the right wearer, does its value and quality reduce? absolutely not! Most importantly, do you think the owner of the store doesn’t see the value of his product?

Dear sister, you are beautiful, valuable and absolutely special.  There are people who will come into your life and leave because they do not fit into God’s plan and purposes for you. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you; it doesn’t mean you are not important; It just means you are created for more.

You’re a premium product; you are created for the right fit and until that comes, the wrong fit will always go.

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