I Know A Certain Somebody…..

There are certain kinds of people in your life you should not let go of. They might not be there yet, but pay attention; because when they do show up, they might not show up in the package you expect but if you are sensitive to your spirit, you will recognize them.

I celebrate one of such people today.  someone with a soul so beautiful and pure and sweet…

I thought i was all grown and set in my ways when we met. But like the bible says “iron sharpens iron…”, friendship with him opened up all the areas i needed to work on and sharpen in my life.  As we rub off against each other (a lot of time in a battle of strong wills), I learn, i grow and i see myself becoming the woman i should be.

I celebrate him because he loves me and he lets me know it.  I celebrate him because he has a heart for God and he genuinely cares about people.

I celebrate him because he’s focused, driven, super hard working and extremely creative.  His entire life is an inspiration to not just me, but everyone who know him.

A dependable friend, amazing lover, a brother from another mother, my super supporter and business adviser. Yeah he’s all of that and more.  Do i have to tell you how much i’m in love with him? I guess you already know by now.

Anyway, it’s his birthday today and i’m super grateful to God for making this amazing man witness another great year.

Happy Birthday SugarBae


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