I Believe You.



I believe you.

I have had to say that to a human this week and it was a step of faith that was taken in fear, because faith does not always mean the absence of fear, it means acknowledging the fear and deciding not to yield to it.
Honestly, I didn’t even know I was that afraid until I was confronted with the truth.
But I chose faith. And I chose to believe.

But have you ever had to say that to God? Over and over again?

It’s a whole different ball game. You can see a human being. You can’t see God physically. A human might looks into your eyes to convince you, God expects you to trust him blindly.

Yes, I said blindly. Because if your eyes are open, all you’ll see will be the circumstances. The empty bank account, the un-replied job applications, the empty space on the other side of your bed, your empty kitchen pantry and possibly threadbare clothes. You’ll see all your inadequacies and shot comings and the more you stare at them, the louder their voices become in your head.

So you choose to become ‘blind’. Close your eyes and let your spiritual vision see the life God has promised you. Then tell him: Lord, I believe you.

I’m doing that as I write this. I’m saying it to counter the voices of circumstances around me trying very hard to contradict what God has said about me.

Each day, I make a decision on who to believe, and I speak out my decision daily by saying Lord, I believe you.

I believe all that you have said about me

I believe you have given me a future and a hope
I believe everything is working together for my good
I believe I have been blessed to be a blessing
I believe you are my strength and refuge in times of trouble
I believe all my spiritual, physical and emotional needs are met by you

Say this over and over again everyday and as often as you feel like it. Drown out other contradicting thoughts and words.

God is truth. Believe him

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