Are You Tweeting Life Or Living Life?

It’s so easy to live our lives on Facebook walls and twitter/Instagram timelines these days. Updating, commenting, discussing, arguing, joking and venting. All out there. ¬†Is social media inherently bad? No. But uncontrolled use and addiction to social media has been proven to lead to unpleasant circumstances.

I’m thinking, what kind of person am i becoming? Are my values, ideals, opinions and beliefs gradually becoming influenced by my associations on social media? am i becoming more concerned about how i’m being ¬†perceived online than who i actually am in reality?

Am i connecting more with people in my life and around me or has DMs, tweets and ‘likes’ replaced actual human connection?

I think about all these things and i wonder how much of me am i needlessly sharing? How much of my essence is being expended and how much is being replenished? Truth is, there is little to zero replenishing being done on social media.

You replenish when you step away from the noise of the market place that is social media and spend time with your soul, God and love on the people in your life.

Step away from the cacophony of opinions and vents and threads and connect with your core all over again. Connect with YOU.

Then determine to balance it all.


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