They’re Nasty To You? Don’t Avoid Them. They’re Useful!

The fact that someone hurt you, doesn’t mean they were never supposed to be in your life. Sometimes, we need to experience life, work, school, relationship with certain people so that we can learn not just how to handle difficulty, but so we can get to know ourselves better.

There are people that have been placed on your path through life that will open up your deepest fears, insecurities and expose your carefully airbrushed rough edges. You need those people.

You need them because as your issues are brought to fore, you will have to confront those issues and deal with them so that you can be better and move forward. If some people do not make certain situations uncomfortable for you, you might never grow.

So if someone has done you bad, or is currently treating you badly, ask yourself what lessons you will learn from the experience?

Remember, you cannot learn patience, resilience, and endurance if you have not been pushed to the wall. You cannot learn unconditional love if you have not experienced life with an unlovable person.

When there is discomfort, there is inevitable movement. The question is, which direction will you choose to move?

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