That Opportunity You Lost? It’s On You!

I have watched young people squander opportunities. Opportunities that other less-fortunate or less-connected young ones pray, hustle, wish and would do anything for. I must say it hurts. It hurts like salt on a raw wound because i am a product of several opportunities myself.

I was a nameless, stay-in-the-background, unnoticed intern when someone at NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) Kaduna looked at me and offered me a spot to try out in front of the camera. It was a dream i never thought would come true.

That dream has birthed several dreams that have since come true and i have that first opportunity to thank for the career that i have and i’m still building today.
These days i am in a position to offer similar opportunities and i am filled with dismay at the nonchalance and outright disdain that these opportunities for growth are being treated. I’m wondering, is it because it’s served on a platter?

Why is it so hard for this present generation of young people to commit? to understand that when a door is open before you, you step into it because you have no idea when such a door might close?

I see entitlement and unreasonable expectations all around me. Millennials living and walking around acting like the world owes them something.

These days, i have realized that if you are a young person in Nigeria, opportunities might not come to you. You have to go and grab them yourself. Sometimes, you have to create your own opportunities. There is no time to be lazy and complacent and entitled anymore.

I have come to learn that nobody owes me anything. No one is obligated to do anything for me. My destiny and progress does not lie in the hands of anyone else.

I have learned that God places me in strategic places and orchestrates meetings with the right kind of people and opportunities and it is up to me to recognize them and take advantage of them.

I have learned that if i am lazy or i procrastinate or become afraid to take the necessary steps, the consequences are on me.

I have become aware that God has given me everything i will ever need for life and godliness and i am equipped with the ability to do all i need to do.  (2 Peter 1:3) I have to reach within myself to bring my potentials to life.

I have learned that the Holy Spirit in me is the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, the same spirit of power and excellence and character that all the apostles had. (Romans 8:11)

I have no excuse.

So do you.

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  1. Fola thanks for this write up on making use of opportunity. A middle age man replying to your post. The first 23 years of my working carrier I spent in print media beginning from computer operator up to the level of production manager before I retired now I’m driving keke napep but things are not the same as it use to be. I want to return back to print media computer fast in typesetting and page layout please any help from you? Help me.

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