It’s Okay To NOT Talk About Your #2017Goals

It’s become a thing now. To share our thoughts, plans, resolutions and intentions for the new year. Facebook, twitter, offline conversations with friends, everyone is sharing their goals and plans for the new year.

I just want to let you know that you don’t have to be under pressure to share too. If you haven’t figured out what you’re going to do in the new year, it’s OK. You and God can work that out and when you do, it’s okay if you want to keep it between yourself and him.

Actually, from experience, i can safely tell you that a lot of people do more talking than doing. It will be more beneficial if you focus on the doing than talking about it to people who have no contribution to your life’s journey.

Don’t be under pressure to “say something, so that people won’t think you’re not up to anything“.  Like my PF would say; “Because you’re not showing everybody doesn’t mean it’s not happening”. (Actually, he blew my mind when he said that!:D)

Write it down in a private journal if you must, for accountability (to yourself) but focus on letting your results in 2017 do the public announcement.




Introducing: LADY IN WAITING; Devotional By Gbeminiyi Obadan


LADY IN WAITING  is a beautiful 10 day devotional for single women, written by Gbeminiyi Obadan; a lady i happen to admire quite a bit.

Gbemi is a blessing on social media and i am happy to share the link to the devotional here.

Single, Engaged, In a relationship or Married, i dare say this 10 day devotional will help you. The word of God is for everyone and if you open your mind, you will find something  in it for yourself.

LADY IN WAITING is available for FREE! Get it on Gbemi’s blog (Click —> HERE)

You can also follow Gbemi on twitter @gbemie_O


Scared Of Being Obscure

Obscurity: The state of being unknown or inconspicuous. Can also mean anonymity, lack of fame/renown/honor/recognition.

Sounds like a scary word isn’t it? Doesn’t sound positive. definitely not a word we want associated with us.

We live in a world where being ‘unknown’ can be synonymous with being ‘unimportant’. Social media has opened doors to previously unbelievable levels of instant fame and popularity. Motivational speakers and coaches encourage us to ‘put ourselves out there’. Even when we are preached at, to ‘let our light shine’, we are hardly ever told that there’s a thin line between letting your light shine for the glory of the father and playing for the gallery.

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Merry Christmas To You!



Christmas is a time for celebration of love, a time for making new memories. Enjoy the fellowship of new friends, and cherish the company of family in this season of loving and sharing.

Remember, true love is unconditional, is open-hearted and is sacrificial.

Merry Christmas!

Please Help Me Remember….

Dear God,

Please help me remember how good you’ve been to me.

help me remember how you’ve come through for me when I was helpless and needed you.

Help me remember that I don’t need to help you do anything.

Help me remember that all I need to do is trust you and take you at your word

Help me remember that my relationship with you is more important than any other thing I want from you

Help me remember that you know what is good for me and you’ll never leave me hanging

Help me remember that your plans for me ARE ALWAYS GOOD

Help me remember your unconditional love for me

Help me remember to trust you.

Help me remember that ultimately, YOU ARE GOD OVER MY LIFE and that’s the most important thing.

Are You Tweeting Life Or Living Life?

It’s so easy to live our lives on Facebook walls and twitter/Instagram timelines these days. Updating, commenting, discussing, arguing, joking and venting. All out there.  Is social media inherently bad? No. But uncontrolled use and addiction to social media has been proven to lead to unpleasant circumstances.

I’m thinking, what kind of person am i becoming? Are my values, ideals, opinions and beliefs gradually becoming influenced by my associations on social media? am i becoming more concerned about how i’m being  perceived online than who i actually am in reality?

Am i connecting more with people in my life and around me or has DMs, tweets and ‘likes’ replaced actual human connection?

I think about all these things and i wonder how much of me am i needlessly sharing? How much of my essence is being expended and how much is being replenished? Truth is, there is little to zero replenishing being done on social media.

You replenish when you step away from the noise of the market place that is social media and spend time with your soul, God and love on the people in your life.

Step away from the cacophony of opinions and vents and threads and connect with your core all over again. Connect with YOU.

Then determine to balance it all.


They’re Nasty To You? Don’t Avoid Them. They’re Useful!

The fact that someone hurt you, doesn’t mean they were never supposed to be in your life. Sometimes, we need to experience life, work, school, relationship with certain people so that we can learn not just how to handle difficulty, but so we can get to know ourselves better.

There are people that have been placed on your path through life that will open up your deepest fears, insecurities and expose your carefully airbrushed rough edges. You need those people.

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Dear God, Thank You For 2016

Thank you for loving me all through the year
Thank you for peeling back the final layers of insecurity and dependence on human approval
Thank you for meeting my needs such that i never lacked anything
Thank you for teaching me contentment
Thank you for teaching me grace this year
Thank you for showing me what true love really means
Thank you for keeping me healthy all through the year
Thank you for having my back even in times when i did’nt realize it
Thank you for emotional growth
Thank you for wisdom
Thank you for increased capacity for greatness
Thank you for all the ideas you gave me
Thank you for all the projects you helped me accomplish
Thank you for all the people you connected me with
Thank you for the friendships that ended
Thank you for the happy days. They made me appreciate how awesome you are
Thank you for the sad days. They taught me patience and brought me closer to you
Thank you for all the times i’ve been distant from you and you loved me back to you
Thank you for seeing beyond what i can see in myself
Thank you for giving me the desire to love you
Thank you for teaching me how to communicate with and listen to you
Thank you for being my dad, my friend, my Lord and my Lover

This is just a fraction of what i have to thank you for. I don’t have enough words. You know my heart more than i do.

Thank you for EVERYTHING

That Opportunity You Lost? It’s On You!

I have watched young people squander opportunities. Opportunities that other less-fortunate or less-connected young ones pray, hustle, wish and would do anything for. I must say it hurts. It hurts like salt on a raw wound because i am a product of several opportunities myself.

I was a nameless, stay-in-the-background, unnoticed intern when someone at NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) Kaduna looked at me and offered me a spot to try out in front of the camera. It was a dream i never thought would come true.

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You Might Be Distracting Yourself…

Sometimes, distractions from purpose do not come from outside or external factors; they come from within you. Indeed it is possible to distract yourself from your mission and purpose while you’re busy doing activities around that same purpose. Confused? Don’t be.

Activities can be deceptive. It keeps us busy. It makes us look busy. But a lot of times, we are running around in circles, wearing ourselves out trying to do things that God has already sorted out if only we paid closer attention to our inner communication with God and follow his leading.

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