#NaijaHoliday – My Local Tourism Experience With @Irinajo_NG



I used to think Tourism was something you talked wistfully and dreamed about but you never actually do because you just can’t be bothered with the hassle of actually planning a trip, saving up for it and actually packing your bags and going. Even when you really want to go, Nigeria’s economy and exchange rate is right there to laugh in your face and say No.

Not until i met IRINAJO. I was skeptic at first, because they offered something unique: Road Trips around Nigeria, with loads of fun on a reasonable budget. The Nigerian in me was full of doubts. I worried about how a small start-up will be able to cater for a diverse group of people on a road trip, while making sure that they are safe, catered for and are happy.

I saw pictures on social media and heard testimonials and then one day, while i was contemplating what to do with my one week off from work, i stumbled on another ad from IRINAJO, announcing a trip to Erin Ijesha Water Falls and The Osun Osogbo Groove in south-west Nigeria.

For a relatively modest fee which covered transportation, feeding, entertainment and hotel, i booked the trip and off we went. Ladies and gentlemen, it was indeed an experience. I met new cool people, the road trip itself was fun, the tour bus was quite comfortable, the service was pleasant and the locations we went to were informative in history, rich in culture and the views were breathtaking.


I have always been fascinated with African religious art and i enjoyed to my heart’s content, the beautiful carvings and sculptures at the Osun Osogbo groove. It was a learning experience. Our tour guide was both knowledgeable and friendly.

I lost a few calories too! from climbing the rocks to the 3rd level of the waterfall and i absolutely connected with my Yoruba cultural roots at Osun Groove.

I also got to practice my amateur nature photography. So, enjoy the pictures below!

All in all, it was a fun weekend! one i will absolutely love to repeat!

(Connect with IRINAJO on twitter: HERE to find out about their next trip. We just might bump into each other on the tour bus)


3 Replies to “#NaijaHoliday – My Local Tourism Experience With @Irinajo_NG”

  1. Please 4lah,
    Would you at list, spell it out for us. Just so we know what we are up to or up against!
    How much was the trip, accommodation and all that? How much deed you had to part with please?
    Just so that I can plan my budget.

    1. Hello Kevin and Adeola, the entire trip was N30,000 (Thirty thousand Naira) and it covered Transportation, food (on the road and in the hotel) It also covered gate fee into the tourist attractions too.

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