The Perfect Fit

Nobody likes over-sized or undersized clothes. You can dress it up, accessorize, loosen or pin up, it might look good to everyone, but you KNOW it doesn’t fit.

I was done with materials that didn’t fit no matter how much I adjusted them. So I stopped bothering to try anything on.

Different colors, different shades, different textures and different sizes. Some bright and boldly attractive and some subtle in their allure. Alas, I would not be won over. Enough!  I said. Maybe I was not meant to wear any, I thought.

And when I was not looking, I saw you. You’ve always been there. Not expecting attention, overshadowed by other materials assumed to be more appealing.

And on a strange, unexpected night, without any sales pitch or marketing gimmick, I tried you on for size. I looked in the mirror and I saw how beautiful I looked with you draped all over me.

I saw your unique patterns and intricate details. All delicately woven together with elements that are too precious to name. Adjusting to my curves and edges and smoothing my imperfections.

Did I notice that people might think an older fabric might be better suited or appropriate? Of course!  But then, when has public opinion ever done me any good?

I can’t stop staring at how we blend and how we seemed to have waited to find each other.

I looked at the mirror again.

I decide I’m not taking you off.

You’re the perfect fit.

My perfect fit.

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