Join The Cause. Mobilize To End Violence Against Women!

“Violence against women and girls is a human rights violation, public health pandemic and serious obstacle to sustainable development. It imposes large-scale costs on families, communities and economies. The world cannot afford to pay this price.”

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General.

Today is  The International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women.

“One in three women around the world experience violence in their lifetime, often in the hands of someone they know, love and trust.

Violence against women and girls, a gross human rights violation, devastates lives, causes untold pain, suffering and illness. It also incurs high economic costs. A recent study estimated that the cost of intimate-partner accounted for 5.2 per cent of the global economy

Beyond the direct medical and judicial costs, violence against women takes a toll on household and national budgets through lost income and productivity.

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#NaijaHoliday – My Local Tourism Experience With @Irinajo_NG



I used to think Tourism was something you talked wistfully and dreamed about but you never actually do because you just can’t be bothered with the hassle of actually planning a trip, saving up for it and actually packing your bags and going. Even when you really want to go, Nigeria’s economy and exchange rate is right there to laugh in your face and say No.

Not until i met IRINAJO. I was skeptic at first, because they offered something unique: Road Trips around Nigeria, with loads of fun on a reasonable budget. The Nigerian in me was full of doubts. I worried about how a small start-up will be able to cater for a diverse group of people on a road trip, while making sure that they are safe, catered for and are happy.

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Pre-Order Your #PerfectFit Tees Now! Rock Jesus With Style..

“In chasing perfection, we catch excellence”.

I am happy to show you the project that has been dear to my heart for a long time. It is finally ready to be unveiled and i will be absolutely grateful for your support.

#PerfectFit is a T-Shirt collection for Christ Enthusiasts. We Love Jesus and we are not ashamed! 😀

It’s OK to love Jesus and be trendy and fashionable! I look forward to seeing you rock these shirts everywhere around the world.

You can pre-order yours at at N5000 (five thousand Naira only)

(Delivery within Lagos is 1000 and Outside Lagos is 1500)

And if you are a boutique owner and will like to retail, we have great discounts for you! Kindly send me a message and we will talk business.

Peace Is Not Neccesarily The Absence Of Chaos


When you realize that the story of your life is authored by God himself, you will be at peace. You will be at peace with yourself, peace with your environment and peace with God. Lately, I have been learning about God’s peace. I have read it countless times in Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians, that we can experience a kind of peace that is beyond  human understanding but it is one thing to read about an experience, it is another thing to live that experience.

I understand that the peace of God is not necessarily the absence of chaos and trouble. The peace of God is a deep understanding and confidence in his presence and his absolute control over the direction your lie is taking. Such that the whole world around might seem to be conspiring to make you miserable, but at your deepest core is a calmness and confidence that outside observers do not understand.

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The Perfect Fit

Nobody likes over-sized or undersized clothes. You can dress it up, accessorize, loosen or pin up, it might look good to everyone, but you KNOW it doesn’t fit.

I was done with materials that didn’t fit no matter how much I adjusted them. So I stopped bothering to try anything on.

Different colors, different shades, different textures and different sizes. Some bright and boldly attractive and some subtle in their allure. Alas, I would not be won over. Enough!  I said. Maybe I was not meant to wear any, I thought.

And when I was not looking, I saw you. You’ve always been there. Not expecting attention, overshadowed by other materials assumed to be more appealing.

And on a strange, unexpected night, without any sales pitch or marketing gimmick, I tried you on for size. I looked in the mirror and I saw how beautiful I looked with you draped all over me.

I saw your unique patterns and intricate details. All delicately woven together with elements that are too precious to name. Adjusting to my curves and edges and smoothing my imperfections.

Did I notice that people might think an older fabric might be better suited or appropriate? Of course!  But then, when has public opinion ever done me any good?

I can’t stop staring at how we blend and how we seemed to have waited to find each other.

I looked at the mirror again.

I decide I’m not taking you off.

You’re the perfect fit.

My perfect fit.

Dear Young Woman, You’re Made To Soar!

Beware of the subtle attempts at ‘remolding’.  All those “why don’t you…?, You’re too… , You will be perfect if you…,  subtle criticisms that chip, chip and keep chipping at you until you lose your drive and before you fully realize what is happening, you have been remolded from a woman God has created to be outstanding and extraordinary, into a basic, average woman.

Some of you single women are in the process of losing yourself in a relationship. you set aside your dreams, your ambition, you have even changed your fashion and style just because you want to be “perfect ” for someone else.

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GUEST POST: Take That Risk! – By @MrOlumatiI


Life is full of risks. We are either taking these risks or playing safe. Either way, we are left blinded to the possible outcomes of our risk or our safe play.

I see this photo and I am drawn to all its variability. I am captivated by its beauty and artistry. The artistry that allow the woman make that pose with the semblance of a peahen conscious of its beauty and flaunting it under the watchful eyes of an admiring peacock.

I am also careful to note the condition of the lady in the photo. She is pregnant and standing on a small ladder. That is indeed risky.

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About The Inhumane Treatment & Abuse Of House-Helps..

This is a picture of a 12 year old child, working as a house help and severely punished abused by her employer. I saw this report and i was heartbroken. I’ve thought about this system of hiring underage girls as house-helps for a while and I’ve often spoke about it on my radio show but i guess it’s time to start to write about it too.

I grew up with housemaids. Like over 70% of middle class Nigerian kids. As a young girl, i didn’t really pay much attention to how they came and went. Some were playmates and sisters i never had and we got along just fine. However, as i became older, and understood what it meant to be the help,  i began to pay more attention to what was going on around me, especially in other families.

Some of these house-helps, were hired through a middle man or woman who had permission from the girl’s family, and negotiates her fees, taking a commission and remitting the balance to her parents.

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Welcome To NOVEMBER!

One reason i’m excited to see November? The year 2016 is coming to an end. For that, i heave a huge sigh of relief and gratitude. Not that 2016 has been a bad year, actually it’s been pretty good. However it’s been quite eventful. My emotions have taken a hit this year, my heart has been broken and healed, i have fallen and risen, i have cried and laughed and i have learned and grown.

One major lesson this year for me, is learning to stay true to myself and finally shedding that debilitating cloak of insecurity. I was set free in 2016 and trust me when i say that’s a huge Miracle!

I finally figured out my own special way of communicating with God this year. (imagine!) and it’s been absolutely beautiful 🙂

I find myself looking forward to the final month of the year because i know something awesome is about to happen!