Every Time You Pass A Test.. You KNOW!

You probably don’t know how much you have grown until something happens to test that growth. Until you face a situation that used to break you down and you suddenly realize that you came out from it standing strong, knowing better and seeing life from a different perspective.

I can say this because it has happened to me. Several times over actually and every time it does, i go like.. wow! Perhaps i’ll eventually get used to it. I kinda hope not. Because i want to always marvel at how awesome God’s work in my life is.

Whenever this happens, i remember Philippians 2: 13 (NLT)
“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”

Many times, we are not even conscious when God is doing this work. We just realize that the more we spend time with him, he gives us the desire to spend more time with him and the more that happens, our attitudes and needs and thoughts and perceptions and behavior changes. It’s such a beautiful thing.

Remember when i shared with you some of my struggles with low-self esteem? Well, an Old boyfriend of many years came back, wanting to get back together. And because he knew i am a christian, started talking about God and quoting scriptures and talking about how he hit rock bottom and had to repent.

If indeed it happened like it did, believe me i am happy for him and i said as much. But then, i knew i had grown at the moment i realized i am not in a hurry to believe in his epiphany and get back together. I have a different perspective to my life now. I see me from God’s eyes and i see that i am made for so much more.

The Old me would have believed in the scripture quotes and the ‘God-Talk’ but this woman right here has been changed. My self-esteem has been raised to the level of Christ’s. I am a woman of God. A daughter of the Most High God. That’s amazing!

This growth never stops. You might even make mistakes, but you will pick yourself up, and keep going because that desire to be who God wants you to be is still there. It’s a God-given desire.

I love how i don’t have to worry if i’m growing. Because i know that i am. And the exciting thing is, every time you pass a test, you KNOW it. You know you have just scaled a hurdle.

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