The Ultimate Teacher For Aspiring Radio Presenters

The best qualified person to develop your natural skills is a working and experienced radio presenter. The reason is simple: They already do it for a living, and they know what it takes to succeed.

Equally important, they provide you two vital components that few others can offer – access and leverage.

If you work with a mentor, you can access their relevant knowledge and contacts and leverage their broadcasting experience to work in your favor by shortening your learning curve. Their contacts indirectly become your contacts. Their experience is directly passed on to you.

A mentor working inside the industry can offer you:
• Insider knowledge about the tricks of the trade passed along while working inside a radio station.
• First-hand experience with the specific issues surrounding breaking into the business.
• Access to hiring program directors and other industry professionals.
• A meaningful reference from someone who has personally trained you.
• A caring coach to both educate and encourage you along the way.
Your chances of realizing your dream of becoming a radio host are greatest when:
• You’re being trained in a real radio station where real talk radio occurs.
• Your training occurs where important contacts are located.
• Those who have the ability to hire or recommend you can get to know you.
At BROADCAST RADIO MASTER CLASS October, we will introduce you to working presenters who will be available to mentor you and answer your questions about your intended career. They will also give opportunities for an unpaid internship that allows you learn first-hand and build experience, working in a radio station.
So make sure you register for the BROADCAST RADIO MASTER CLASS October edition.
The Date is Saturday 22nd October 2016
Time: 9am

VENUE: Conference Hall, Best Western The Island Hotel, Ahmadu Bello Way,Victoria Island, Opposite Bar Beach Lagos.


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